Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak demo coming to PC and Switch this week

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is out this month, but a demo is coming in much sooner than that.


Monday's Capcom Showcase kicked off with a new look at the upcoming Monster Hunter Rise expansion, Sunbreak. Those who want a fresh look at what to expect from both solo and co-op play can check out some new footage that takes players into a few familiar locales and the return of the terrifying beast, Gore Magala. On top of that, players won't have to wait very long to try it out.

Players will dive into some exciting new biomes, including a revamped Jungle area from the second generation of Monster Hunter titles. Players will have to band together to take on Rise's toughest monsters, as well as a few returning faces.

Among them is the aforementioned Gore Magala, the big bad beast from Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. Those unfamiliar with this creature will likely learn more about his debilitating Frenzy Virus firsthand. The Thorn Wyvern would also like to say hello, returning from Monster Hunter Frontier. Watch out for its venomous pink horn. If you're trying to avoid poison, you won't want to hang around Espnias, either, as it can spew toxic fireballs. You should be okay, as long as you don't wake it up.

While many of these monsters await in the full expansion, a new demo will allow players to get warmed up in both single and multiplayer. The demo will feature hunts against a Great Izuchi (beginner), a Tetranadon (intermediate), the all-new Astalos (expert), and the flagship beast Malzeno (super expert). Those who can take down Astalos will truly be prepared for what Sunbreak has to offer.

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak roadmap

Even beyond Sunbreak, Capcom isn't about to call it a wrap on Monster Hunter Rise. Look for free title updates, the first of which will deploy in August. New updates appear to be on the agenda all the way through 2023.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is almost here. It's set to release on PC and Nintendo Switch on Thursday, June 30, but the demo will be up and running this Tuesday, June 14. You can learn more about everything revealed and anything we might have missed by jumping over to the Capcom website. For more on Sunbreak, you can also check out our preview and interview with the dev team from earlier this month.

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