Shacknews E6 2022: Potionomics interview details how you can become a bonafide potion seller

A closer look at the upcoming indie potion shop sim from Voracious Games, Potionomics.


As part of the Shacknews E6 digital event, the team has been uploading a wealth of video game content including interviews, like the one we did with the Potionomics team. In the interview, we learn more about what Potionomics is, what some of the developer inspirations were, and gameplay elements like the potions you’ll be able to brew and sell.

As you can see in the video, there’s a lot of information on offer about Potionomics, so if you’ve been curious about the game it’s well worth a watch. Potionomics is set to release in Fall 2022 for PC (Steam). To stay up-to-date on the game’s upcoming release, don’t forget to wishlist Potionomics on Steam.

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