Laysara: Summit Kingdom's mountain city builder landslides into Q1 2023 window

Quite OK Games will allow players to build cities, temples, and more into mighty mountain tops, but it has been delayed out of a 2022 window.


For all of the games we’ve had about creating blossoming societies, Laysara: Summit Kingdom presents a very interesting take on the genre: one in which you will build your society into the slopes and peaks of a mountain, complete with the potential for landslides, avalanches, and further topographical disasters to affect them. During PC Gaming Show, we got a fresh gameplay look at Laysara, but it came with the news that the game is sliding out of a 2022 release into early 2023.

Laysara’s latest gameplay reveal was shown during the PC Gaming Show 2022 presentation on June 12, 2022. During the gameplay reveal, we got to see all sorts of civilization building in Laysara. We’ll build farms, city centers, huts, and larger societal structures. We’ll also see bridges, lifts, and other various transportation structures that will be used for your villagers to be able to safely move around the elevated peaks of your settlements. Finally, we get to see a little bit of  natural disaster affecting establishments as an avalanche from the peak of a mountain takes out a section of a village.

Laysara: Summit Kingdom looked like it will be a very interesting and environmentally-concious city-management sim. Unfortunately, it will also be delayed from its originally intended window. It was supposed to come out during 2022, but that recent trailer shared that it will instead be coming out in Q1 2023. Nonetheless, Quite OK Games seems to have quite the intricate and unique take on an city management game. It even looks like we’re going to be able to build some structures right into mountains, including temples and castles.

With the Laysara: Summit Kingdom release window pushed into early 2023, stay tuned for further updates. We’ll share more, such as a concrete release date, as those details become available.

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