Nitro Kid gameplay shown at PC Gaming Show, demo out now

Deck building roguelike where you engage in close-quarters combat.


During the extremely long 110-minute long PC Gaming Show, a wave of trailers were shown for a variety of different games, including an intriguing looking entry called Nitro Kid from Wildboy Studios and tinyBuild.

Gameplay wise, Nitro Kid is a roguelike deck building game three unlockable heroes and 250+ cards. Using these, players will be able to fight foes in close-quarters settings, with procedurally generated rooms and random events.

Nitro Kid gameplay shown at PC Gaming Show, demo out now

Wondering what else you can look forward to from Nitro Kid? Here’s information from the game’s description on Steam:

As the Steam description notes, a free demo of Nitro Kid is available right now, allowing anyone who’s curious about it the ability to play for themselves and see what the game is all about. In terms of the roguelike elements on offer for Nitro Kid, the following info can also be found in the game’s Steam description:

A release date has yet to be announced for Nitro Kid, so be sure to wishlist the game on Steam to keep track of updates regarding the game’s release. For more on the PC Gaming Show, also be sure to read through our coverage of Tactical Breach Wizards trading XCOM aliens for magic missiles.

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