Smash your friends in Against All Odds

Mind your head and limbs as you make your way through the gauntlet in this game show style multiplayer title.


Wipeout gets a little more deadly in Against All Odds. The game looks to fuse together Fall Guys with a Mario Maker and Cloudberry Kingdom level of challenge and stage design. Take a look at the bombastic trailer below.

Originally called Slaughter League, Against All Odds has since undergone a rebranding during the Freedom Games Showcase on June 10, 2022. Players can create unique characters, using hundreds of different cosmetic items, to show the world their true colors as they participate in a myriad of game modes.

There’s the classic race, where it’s the first one to finish (or the last to die), an endless race mode that sees players competing in an endurance test to see who falls into a trap first, and a zombie mode where it’s about fleeing and not getting bitten. Beyond the built-in modes, Against All Odds features a level creator, allowing players to create some Mario Maker-like creations. This should offer an infinite number of levels for users to play as they tap into the creativity of the community.

Be sure to take a look at the Against All Odds Steam page where it has a Q4 2022 release window. You can also stop by the Shacknews 2022 video game release date calendar for information on other games scheduled to release this year.

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