Evening Reading - June 9, 2022

It's nighttime in America, which means it's primetime for another round of Evening Reading here at Shacknews.


Welcome to the end of a hellaciously busy Thursday, Shackers. The mighty Day of Geoff in the Summer of Geoff has come to a close with all of the gaming news that comes with it. There’s plenty more gaming showcases and reveals going on this weekend, but before we get into another day of E3-free big game month coverage, let’s wind down this Thursday with an Evening Reading, shall we?

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Never “hold my beer” at a bowling alley

Dude isn’t getting any animations good or bad for that atrocious throw.

From drenched to floof

If you wet my hair and then dry it, this will also happen to me, so I can definitely relate to floofy ferret.

Another AEW fan of refined taste

That said, I feel like these competitive gaming signs at wrestling shows and their ongoing narrative may be getting out of control. I saw one ask for a Final Fantasy X remake. *shudder*

Tom Nook gets what’s coming

“That’s the last time you put me in debt, Nook.” But seriously, that’s quite the Nerf gun to hit that hard. Must be a custom job!

Xenomorph in court

I’ve seen a lot of these AI generated image panes, but this is easily the best one. Xenomorph will pay (monetarily) for the damage it has caused.

Elden Ring players dog classifications

No lies detected, these are all good dogs in Elden Ring.

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Go vote for Flaff. She is a good girl and deserves more Shackpets wins.
Go vote for Flaff. She is a good girl and deserves more Shackpets wins.

And there you have it. What are you up to tonight, Shackers? Good music? Good games? Good shows? Sound off in the Shacknews Chatty section below!

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