Final Fury is a spell-slinging VR fighting game

The Upload VR Showcase revealed Final Fury, a fighting game.


There aren’t a whole lot of fighting games on the VR platform and Final Fury looks to change that. Announced at Upload VR Showcase 2022, Final Fury puts players in the boots of a fighter, but it’s not just punches you’ll be throwing, as the game features some explosive moves and abilities. Check out the trailer below.

The Final Fury trailer introduces players to a couple of fighters, but focuses mainly on Tempest. This character can throw punches and can also utilize a host of ice-based attacks. Players will need to use gesture-based combat, hitting targets to build up combos and unleash moves. The game also uses various meters to track player health and presumably accumulation of energy to unleash more powerful attacks.

Developed by Kluge, the team that brought players Synth Riders, Final Fury offers players a unique fighting experience for the VR platform. It’s not just a straight hallway in which these fights will occur, as the trailer shows the user moving around each other in 3D space. There’s still a bit before Final Fury is scheduled to release, as the trailer on mentions a 2023 release year.

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