Time Flies will remind us of our fleeting mortality in 2023

Make the most of your time on this planet. You don't have a lot of it.


Our time before we shuffle off this mortal coil is pathetically limited. Reminders are all around us. Michael Frei (the mind behind 2019's Kids) and Raphael Munoz would like to give everyone a courtesy reminder that we're all going to die, thanks to what can only be described as a "fly simulator." Kicking off Thursday's Day of the Devs stream is a new game called Time Flies.

In Time Flies, which bears a similar minimalist art style to the aforementioned Kids, players take on the role of a nameless fly, living out an existence that's not unlike the human experience. The biology students among the readership may be thinking, "Wait, don't flies have extremely low life expectancies?" Those readers are absolutely correct. A countdown timer will be placed along the top corner of the screen, whittling down the precious few seconds before death. In the limited time players have available to them, the object is to explore the world and check off various items on a bucket list.

The bucket list will include items like playing an instrument, reading a book, or simply taking part in outdoor activities. Of course, as is the case with humans, players can also opt to just do whatever they want and watch the seconds waste away. Whatever, what does it matter, anyway? We're all going to die in the end.

Time Flies reveal

Time Flies will come to PC, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch in 2023. Try to stay alive until then. Eat at Arby's. For more on this and other reveals from Summer Game Fest, Day of the Devs, and everything else from this "Not E3" season, follow us here at Shacknews.

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