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Weekend Discussion - May 28, 2022

Happy Memorial Day Weekend. Welcome to Weekend Discussion!


What a stacked weekend we;ve got to close out May 2022! Awesome Shacnews content, my favorite Fighting Game tournament of the year, a major All Elite Wrestling PPV, and the Star Wars Celebration are all going down right now. Let's talk about it!

Shacknews is happy to present another Summer of Doing Our Jobs and 3 days of amazing content with the reveal of E6 2022, now with double the amount of E's as E3! Check out the new teaser trailer and get hype for the show, hitting our Twitch channel July 14-16.

Our Evil Dead: The Game Video Review is finally here. Is the game worth your time?  Watch some of thegameplay and commentary below:

Blake and TJ also had a fun time chatting with the devs at Tripwire Interactive as they show off the Tidal Terror content in Killing Floor 2. Check out a clip below and the full video here.

The Star Wars Celebration is giong down and the crew at Pop! Goes the Culture! think that going for stories that may feature low key players instead of major characters could be the better option after the recent trilogy. 

And Now...The Internet.

I'm excited to see more Star Wars projects with emphasis on story. The combat was already satisfying so I am really looking forward to seeing how they manage to make gameplay even more fluid in the new game. Are you excited to see this franchise continue? Check out the trailer below: 

Combo Breaker is already legendary but it's just proving why it's the dopest tournament in the world again this year by putting a Bloody Roar tournament on the main stage. The hype is real! 

What an increcible set during DragonBall FighterZ action. The crowd was explosive watching this go down. 

It's good to see thse two back together. 

Imagine catching strays from Miyazaki because your name is Craig...

These sprites are dope. Imagine an OW fighting game. I'd be down for some Reaper mixups.

More Elden Ring oil paintings please. This is gorgeous. 

I love the FGC because of moments like this. 

Congrats to the Minecraft Championship winners. Yeah that's a thing. A pretty popular thing too!

This is certainly one way to get into your opponents head. 

Weekend Vibes

I can't get this performance out of my head so it's gotta go here. Keep reaching higher folks.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend and much love to our veterans as well. See you all again next week and give some cute pets a swipe or two on Shackpets. Cheers!

Community Manager

Dennis is the current Community Manager and Social Media lead for Shacknews. He loves to be part of the conversation with readers and the gaming community. He’s been an avid gamer since his dad showed up with a Sega Genesis on Christmas day. Denny is very passionate about making the game industry and associated media spaces more inclusive, and was founder of an organization for POC content creators with over 800 of the best and brightest around the world. He’s also been a content creator on Twitch since 2015 and has spoken live at panels for Twitchcon, C2E2, Queer Esports, and several others along with providing D&I consulting for up and coming brands in gaming.

Dennis is a huge fan of fighting games, hosting live tournament events for games like Injustice 2 and Tekken 7 with some fun color commentary. He’s also regularly competing in several tourneys annually for games like Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter V. As a Chicago native, you can expect him to be slightly depressed about the Bears post-season hopes on a regular basis. He’s also a fan of FromSoftware created Soulsborne games and enjoys doing challenge runs in his spare time. He hopes to complete his first no-hit run of a Dark Souls game by the end of the year. When he’s not gaming, you can find him diving into the discount comics bin or enjoying a horror movie with the lights off.

You can contact him at and connect with him on Twitter at @DennyVonDoom.

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