Summon quests - Hunt: Showdown

Hunt: Showdown has a new quest system called Summons, granting players extra rewards and Blood Bonds.


Summons is a new type of quest in Hunt: Showdown. Most players will be used to the daily and weekly challenges previously on offer, but those are no more, replaced with Summons. By completing these quests, players can earn money, weapons, and even Blood Bonds if all the quests are completed. Here’s what you need to know about Hunt: Showdown’s new Summon system.

Summon quests

Gone are the daily and weekly challenges in Hunt: Showdown, now it’s all about Summon quests. These quests can be found under Progress and Summons. Players are given one week to complete as many of the Summons as they can. Each quest completed will reward you with the item mentioned and a set number of stars (the gold icon). When 30 stars are earned, players will receive the weekly reward, which is 25 Blood Bonds – the game’s premium currency.

hunt showdown summons
Completing a Summon will reward stars and a one-time prize. Collect 30 stars to earn 25 Blood Bonds.

The difficulty of the Summons ranges from simple up to legendary, with the harder quests offering more stars and better rewards. If the legendary quests are too difficult, fear not, because these are all repeatable. You can just repeat the simple, 1-star quests 30 times until you unlock your weekly reward. Note that the reward (weapon, Hunt Dollars, etc) will only be given the first time a Summons is completed, all subsequent clears will only reward the stars.

Players can select two Summons to focus on at once. Assess the list of tasks and double-click the one you want to add to the slots down the bottom of the screen. You can expand the slots to three by spending 300 Blood Bonds – this allows you to maximise your time in the bayou. The list of quests resets every week on Monday.

You can read more about the Summons system over on the official Hunt: Showdown site. Stay tuned to Shacknews as we keep you up to date on Hunt: Showdown as new mechanics, like the Summons, are added to the game.

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