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Crystalline Aura bonus and benefits - Lost Ark

Wondering whether Crystalline Aura is worth it? Here's what you need to know about Lost Ark's premium subscription's benefits and bonuses.


Crystalline Aura is Lost Ark’s premium subscription service. Unlike other MMOs, Lost Ark does not charge players a monthly fee, instead, players can choose to sign up for Crystalline Aura which grants unique bonuses and other benefits. Below we’ve listed out what boosts this subscription offers so you can decide whether Crystalline Aura is worth it.

Crystalline Aura bonus and benefits

lost ark crystalline aura
Clicking the Crystalline Aura icon at the top left of the screen will let you activate the effect or purchase it.

Lost Ark’s Crystalline Aura system is a way for players to help support the development of the game and receive benefits in return. Players can either use real-world money to purchase this boon or use an in-game currency called Blue Crystals, though, these are tough to acquire.

If you do purchase the Crystalline Aura, you will receive the following benefits:

  • Triport cost waiver – Removes the travel cost of using the game’s quick travel
  • Liner 50% discount – Half price ship tickets when travelling the seas
  • Daily NPC affinity interaction +1 – Increases how many times you can use a Rapport Action with NPCs per day
  • Life Energy Recovery +10% – Increases how quickly you get back the energy used for hunting, logging, and excavating
  • Bifrost Slots +2 – Two additional Bifrost slots, allowing you to return to places faster
  • Song of Return cooldown -50% – The song needed to return home has a shorter cooldown
  • Stronghold Research Time -10% – Project research on your island stronghold progress faster
  • Stronghold Craft Time -10% – Projects crafting on your island stronghold progress faster
  • Stronghold Dispatch Time -10% – Dispatching followers from your island stronghold is faster
  • Stronghold Action Energy recovery speed +10% – Energy needed to do projects on your stronghold replenishes faster
  • Stronghold Training Camp – Adds an Ultimate Stress Buster scarecrow to increase leveling speed (7,000 XP per minute)
  • Crystal Benefactor – Gain a unique title while you are subscribed to Crystalline Aura
  • Pet Function – Unlock a host of new mechanics for your pet (you'll need to unlock a pet first):
    • Pet Inventory
    • Remote Storage
    • Market and Auction House usage from anywhere
    • Remote Mail
    • Remote Repair for gear and tools
    • Gem functionality

Is Crystalline Aura worth it?

lost ark is crystalline aura worth it
Improvements to the pets is just one reason why Crystalline Aura is worth it, at least for players in the endgame.

No doubt a lot of new players will be wondering whether Crystalline Aura is worth it. For most newcomers, the answer is likely going to be no. When you first start Lost Ark, you’re not going to be able to take advantage of many of the benefits Crystalline Aura grants. For example, you’re not going to be doing a lot of fast travelling with the Triport (even if you do, you’ll have plenty of silver for the early-game fees), you won’t have a Stronghold, and you won’t have a need for Bifrost Slots.

After you’ve worked your way through the main story and have started engaging with Lost Ark’s endgame, even then it may not be worth your time. It’s likely only when you begin rolling alt characters and seriously engaging with builds, endgame content, and PVP will Crystalline Aura be something you should consider.

Some users on the Lost Ark subreddit have noted that they opt to pick up the Crystalline Aura for the Bifrost Slots, which allows them to do an additional dungeon or raid. Additionally, the silver savings later on become more apparent as costs inflate and being able to use your pet for repairs is a massive time-saver.

Can you get Crystalline Aura for free?

lost ark crystalline aura free
If you have enough gold, you can purchase Blue Crystal which can be used to purchase a Crystalline Aura subscription.

While Crystalline Aura is readily available in exchange for real-world money for varying amounts of time (30 days, 1 year etc), it is possible to get Crystalline Aura for free. Players can spend 420 Blue Crystals to purchase the subscription. These crystals can be earned in-game or traded for gold in the market.

Overall, whether or not Crystalline Aura is worth it for you will come down to the bonuses and benefits it offers. By the time you reach the endgame, the savings on silver costs and the pet repairs and inventory management systems will make the subscription worthwhile. Stop on over at our Lost Ark page for more tips for navigating this world.

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