Sea of Thieves' first Mystery event starts this week

Players will need to search high and low for clues, even outside the game on Sea of Thieves' social media platforms.


Sea of Thieves has always succeeded in letting players create their own stories and now Mysteries looks to rally the community together to solve some, well, mysteries! Creative Director Mike Chapman made a brief announcement that the game’s first Mystery event will begin later this week.

sea of thieves mysteries event murder mystery
The first Mystery event will have players solving a murder mystery.

In a post on the official Sea of Thieves site on May 17, 2022, Creative Director Mike Chapman gave players an overview of how the game has progressed recently, with the team now considering Seasons, Adventures, and Mysteries to be the “cornerstone of the evolving Sea of Thieves world”. Chapman goes on to explain more about what Mysteries are and how they tie into player stories in the game and out on other platforms.

Previously, events and discoveries were made as the game was updated but with Mysteries progress can be made dynamically as the community makes discoveries. And these discoveries won’t be limited to in-game either; players will need to venture to the other Sea of Thieves channels outside of the game to discover other elements needed to solve the puzzles.

The team at Rare has also released a video that gives a few more details on what this first Mystery event will entail. According to the team, the community will be tasked with solving a murder mystery in the Sea of Thieves and will need to find all manner of clues. Apparently there’s even a clue in the video!

With Mysteries kicking off this week in Sea of Thieves, it’s going to be interesting to see what sort of puzzles must be solved and whether it will be as challenging as the developers claim! I think I saw Golden Sands Outpost and a cave on Plunder Valley in the video – maybe a good starting point. What hints and clues did you spot? Check out the Shacknews Sea of Thieves Guide and Walkthrough help solving the case!

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