Netflix livestreaming service in early stages of development

The company may use it for things like unscripted shows and stand-up specials, and live voting for competition and talent contests.


Netflix appears to be looking for new ways to make itself more appealing, including considering adding livestreaming capabilities to its service. As shared in an exclusive from Deadline, Netflix is reportedly in the early stages of development in regards to rolling out livestreaming “for its swathe of unscripted shows and stand-up specials.”

Deadline continued this sentiment by pointing out that Netflix would also be able to use livestreaming for other things such as live voting for “competition and talent contests such as its upcoming dance competition series Dance 100.”

Outside of stand-up and competition shows, there are numerous other ways for Netflix to potentially utilize livestreaming such as for sports coverage, or incorporating it in game offerings for new interactive titles along the lines of Trivia Quest for example.

Deadline reports that Netflix is in early stages of development for livestreaming.

With all that being said, a timeline for when livestreaming features could begin rolling out has yet to be provided. Furthermore, it’s still incredibly early and these details are just now coming to light, so it may be a while before anything substantial drops information wise for Netflix subscribers.

As Deadline points out, “A small group within Netflix is in the preliminary stages for developing the product.” Keywords here being preliminary stages. Still, it’s exciting to think about the possibilities in how livestreaming could be incorporated by Netflix, especially as the company recently lost around 200,000 subscribers last quarter.

Do you think this new development could help Netflix, or do you think it'll continue to lose subscribers? Let us know in Chatty! And for more on Netflix, be sure to brush up on some of our past coverage including how Netflix (NFLX) intends to offer cheaper, ad-supported plans.

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