Weekend Discussion - May 14, 2022

Cheers to the Weekend! Join us for a brand new Weekend Discussion.


What a week full of great moments. I hope you all are having a great weekend as we get closer to summer. Plenty of time to enjoy beautiful sunny days and more game delays. Let's dive into a hot and ready editon of Weekend Discussion!

We got some awesome footage of Gotham Knights which is dropping at some point this year. Which character are you most interested in playing and will you give this a try with a friend?

The fellas were pretty excited to finally see the co-op for this game as well. Check out this clip from this week's episode of The Dump. 

Salt and Sacrifice is out now and if you want a taste of the early game without too many spoilers, check out the video below or read our full review of the game here

Trek to Yomi also delivered a unique and cinematic experience this week. Our own TJ Denzer played the game for the first time on this week's edition of Indie-licious. Check out the full VOD below: 

In Case You Missed It...

Also Evil Dead: The Game released yesterday on Friday the 13th and there is some awesome tunes to run for your life to in the game. We spoke to Joseph LoDuca & Steve Molitz about composing the main score for the game and the music during actual matches as well as even some tunes that didn't quite make the final cut. Watch the full interview below. 

And now... The Internet

Evil Dead is not the only horror I stumbled across recently...

This Elden Ring mod could be both immersive and terrifying. 

This is a crossover I never expected but also makes this birthday cake a real piece of art. 

Speaking of Mahvel, we have an update on the fan project...

I've got no words to explain this throwback. Just enjoy.

What if Eggman is just misunderstood? 

It's AAPIH Month and I think this ad was pretty well done. What do you think?

I have to include this powerful Sonic meme. It's just too good!

This is still probably the most incredible video I've seen this week. Also it's great to be able to think about football again. So many homages in this anime video for the opening schedule. I just hope the Bears give me something to be hype about this year! 

I know it can be easy to doom scroll which is why I try to include some positive vids too. There are some good humans out there folks Here's a prime example of the best of humanity at work.

Weekend Vibes

That Kendrick Lamar album is finally here! I still got to digest the album but I have enjoyed the video and actual track Heart pt.5 with some dope homages to the west coast's fallen heroes. Check it out below.

Thanks for reading and I hope the rest of your weekend is fantastic. Consider checking out our free mobile app Shackpets so my pup Yusuke has more friendly competition. See you next week!

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