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Unboxing & Review: Mighty Jaxx's Tiny Tina & Butt Stallion statue

We check out this 8 inch vinyl statue from Mighty Jaxx to see how much of the Tiny Tina's Wonderlands spirit it's captured.


There were a couple of breakout characters in Tiny Tina's Wonderlands beyond the game's lead. Among them was Butt Stallion, who got to shine in this title as more than just Handsome Jack's steed. If you'd like to capture the essence of Tiny Tina, Butt Stallion, and the whimsical D&D aesthetic of Gearbox's latest on your shelf, Video Editor Greg Burke has an unboxing for you. Check out our look at the Tiny Tina & Butt Stallion statue from Mighty Jaxx.

The Tiny Tina & Butt Stallion statue from Mighty Jaxx stands at eight inches tall. To capture the fantasy atmosphere, the design is stylized to fit in more with the Tiny Tina aesthetic. The characters are placed atop a base designed like a castle spiral, adorned with different polyhedron dice shapes. Both Tiny Tina and Butt Stallion are also shaped to look like they're based on a more polygon design and less "realistic."

Special thanks to Mighty Jaxx for sending us the Tiny Tina & Butt Stallion statue for review. It's available from the Mighty Jaxx website right now for $199 USD and also includes a copy of the full Tiny Tina's Wonderlands game from the Epic Games Store. For more unboxing videos like this one, as well as other gameplay videos and interviews, be sure to subscribe to Shacknews and GamerHubTV on YouTube.

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