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Safe In Our World charity launches new initiatives for Mental Health Awareness Month

Video game mental health charity Safe In Our World is launching a string of initiatives to raise support during this Mental Health Awareness Month.


This May is Mental Health Awareness Month and it’s a time for recognizing the challenges and supporting those who deal with mental health conditions both big and small on a regular basis. To that end, video game and mental health charity Safe In Our World has launched new initiatives and efforts during this month to raise support and funds to aid those who deal with mental health issues with the communitive power of video games and fundraisers.

Safe In Our World launched its new initiatives today with further details on the charity website, including a new ‘Play Your Way’ Campaign. This campaign encourages gamers to play the games that mean the most to them while also raising funds for the charity’s upcoming efforts. Throughout the month, Safe In Our World also intends to deliver talks and facilitate discussions relating to the conversation of mental health within the gaming industry. Finally, Safe In Our World intends to increase delivery of mental health training. It already has around 200 trained community managers and intends to bolster its roster by around 150 more by the end of the year.

With initiatives such as the 'Play Your Way' Campaign launching during Mental Health Awareness Month, Safe in Our World is raising funds to support and talk about mental health issues.
With initiatives such as the 'Play Your Way' Campaign launching during Mental Health Awareness Month, Safe In Our World is raising funds to support and talk about mental health issues.

Mental health is a huge deal in gaming. Whether it’s dealing with toxicity in the gaming space, being made to feel as if one doesn’t belong or dealing with aggression, or whether it’s in the industry side where burnout and toxicity have been huge issues, the need for mental health consideration and support in the video game space is very important. Gaming can certainly be part of positive mental health, as studies have previously shown. But groups like Safe In Our World aim to cultivate more supportive environments and the conversations that can aid those in need.

As Safe In Our World rolls out its initiatives, be sure to check out the website for more info or find them on social media via Twitter, Facebook, and Discord for the latest updates.

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      May 11, 2022 8:24 AM

      I'm fine. It's whatever.

      • reply
        May 31, 2023 3:05 AM

        I think Mental health is such an important topic, especially in the gaming community. It's great to see Safe In Our World launching new initiatives during Mental Health Awareness Month to support those dealing with mental health issues. The 'Play Your Way' Campaign is a fantastic idea, encouraging gamers to play their favorite games while also raising funds for the charity's efforts.

        Mental health concerns in gaming go beyond just toxicity and aggression. It's about creating inclusive and supportive environments where everyone feels a sense of belonging. The industry itself has also faced challenges with burnout and toxicity, so it's crucial to address these issues and provide the necessary support.

        I highly recommend checking out Safe In Our World's website for more information and updates on their initiatives. Let's come collectively as a community and raise awareness about mental health in gaming. Click this link to learn more and show your support:

    • reply
      May 11, 2022 8:26 AM

      Mental health needs 100x the attention it currently receives. This is a great thing.

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