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Summer Games Done Quick 2022 schedule features Elden Ring and Tunic

This year's Summer Games Done Quick features a handful of recent hits, including the new FromSoftware hotness and an indie hit that takes a lot of cues from those games.


While Summer Games Done Quick is a momentous week every year, the 2022 event looks to be extra special. It will be the first live GDQ event since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, returning to its old stomping grounds in Bloomington, MN. As part of this event, it looks like GDQ is going big with some more recent hits. The Summer Games Done Quick 2022 schedule was released over the weekend and it looks like it's going to go out in a big way, wrapping up with Elden Ring.

SGDQ 2022 Elden Ring

Summer Games Done Quick 2022 promises to get rolling in a big way on Sunday, June 26. The third run of the week will feature recent breakout hit Tunic, which runner Sunnymuffin will endeavor to complete in just 35 minutes. The end of the week will be just as exciting as the beginning, as the coveted final run of the week will be taken by the debuting Elden Ring. Following a two-hour All Remembrances run from catalystz, HYP3RSOMNIAC will bring the GDQ event to a close with a 33-minute Any% run, showing off some of the evolving tech that runners have discovered since FromSoftware's latest release.

Other highlights from the SGDQ 2022 schedule include:

  • After a noteworthy absence at this year's Awesome Games Done Quick, Metroid is back in a big way. Saturday will feature the first mainline GDQ run of Metroid Dread and it will be followed by a run of the Kaizo Super Metroid mod.
  • Shortly after Sunday's Tunic run, another recent blockbuster will be on display. Mr_Shasta will look to run Kirby and the Forgotten Land with a target time of two hours flat.
  • Monday will settle viewers into the work week with a two-player race of the 2019 Link's Awakening remake.
  • Halo Infinite makes its GDQ debut on Tuesday with an "All Missions, No Tank Gun" run and is scheduled to be followed by a Super Mario Odyssey Darker Side run. If donation incentives are met, a Half-Life: Alyx run will fall in-between the two games.
  • Doom Eternal is rapidly becoming a GDQ staple. For SGDQ 2022, look for a 100% Nightmare Restricted run.
  • Lastly, the Mario streamer community is showing up in force. Look for some familiar names to take on a Super Mario World relay race, while grandpoobear, PangaeaPanga, CarlSagan42, Aurateur, Shoujo, and TanukiDan take on a special Super Mario Maker 2 relay race.

This year's Summer Games Done Quick will have a tough act to follow after January's Awesome Games Done Quick set a record for GDQ events, but with games like Elden Ring and Tunic on the docket, the GDQ organizers will look to go bigger than ever. All proceeds from Summer Games Done Quick 2022 will go to Doctors Without Borders. Look for the event will to run from June 26 through July 3. You can check out the full schedule over on the Games Done Quick website. The entire event can be seen on the Games Done Quick Twitch channel. We'll be watching a lot of these runs at Shacknews, so be sure to return on the big week for more coverage.

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