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Weekend Discussion - May 1, 2022

Hey, hey! It's May Day! And your first May Weekend Discussion is on the way!


Another month ends, another month begins. We have arrived at May 2022 and summer is right around the corner. We’re prepping for another fine month of news and stories here at Shacknews, but first, let’s kick things off with another wonderful Weekend Discussion!

Maybe you hadn’t heard yet, but Long Reads Editor David L. Craddock is hard at work on the latest of his big projects with FPS: First Person Shooter, bringing together the combined knowledge and stories of around 45 experts and legends who helped make the genre into the integral part of gaming culture that it is today. Check out the latest trailer below and consider assisting the project’s current round of funding on Indiegogo.

If you’re in the market for some new tabletop fun, Jurassic World: The Legacy of Isla Nublar is sounding like one to keep on your radar. Check out our recent interview with Funko Games about the Jurassic Park-inspired “legacy game” and its KickStarter!

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And Now...The Internet

The li’lest turtle slappies

It’s like two siblings having a spat, but turtles. I can’t even.

Why can’t we all be this lucky in Elden Ring?

Seriously, I wish just once the game’s hardest enemies would fight each other as hard as they fight me.

Dun touch they angy

Don’t you mess with those tiny little claws when they’re big mad.

The anniversary of that legendary Scott Steiner math

It’s still real to us, even if we have an 8-and-a-third chance of understanding Steiner’s calculations.

Some very creative Into the Spider-Verse cosplay

I hear sometimes it’s about da Mets, baby.

Could I interest you in one of the 15 Dunkin’s in a 2-mile radius?

Always one minute away from a donut and some coffee, no matter where you are.

Carl’s not really digging the discourse

Who can blame him. Tesla is great, but Musk has all the social media comedic chops of Master Shake. Take that for what you will.

Celeste at SGDQ2022?? Oh yes~

Get ready for some deliciously proficient platforming prowess y’all.

Pugberto dances to the song that makes all things more hype

Did you know that Guile’s theme makes most everything more cool? Even cute dancing pugs.

Weekend Vibes

I don’t know about you, but I’m gearing up for EVO 2022 and training my but off in some good old Guilty Gar for the competition. When I do that, I go after music that gets me hype. My current jams this weekend are the soundtrack from another Arc System Works masterpiece, their take on Contra… Hard Corps: Uprising! This soundtrack had no business being as freaking incredible as it was.

Hey y’all, I hope the weekend is treating you right and that May 2022 brings good things to you. We appreciate y’all and if you want to support us as well, considering throwing into Shacknews Mercury for as little as a dollar a month. It would make the flaffy little girl below very happy.

Flaff loves when you vote for her on Shackpets.
Flaff loves when you vote for her on Shackpets.

You can also find Flaff and so many other cool pets on Shackpets, which is free on Android and iOS mobile devices!

That covers our first Weekend Discussion of May. What are you up to this fine May Day, Shackers? Let us know in the Shacknews Chatty section below!

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