Which GameStop (GME) Twitter accounts to follow

Here's what Twitter accounts you should follow to keep up with everything GameStop (GME).


For well over a year now, GameStop (GME) has been one of the most fascinating companies on the stock market. Whether it’s the infamous short squeeze that changed the landscape of stock trading or the company’s change in leadership and moves to establish itself outside of physical retail, it’s a defining time for gaming’s biggest retailer. If you want to keep up with GameStop and its surrounding community, we’ve got a bunch of Twitter accounts that will keep you in the discussion.

What GameStop (GME) Twitter accounts to follow

gamestop twitter accounts

Here are our favorite GameStop (GME) accounts, from meme-posters, to analysts, to industry professionals, be sure to check these folks out to immerse yourself in the GME community.

  • @GameStop - This one is a bit obvious. It’s important to follow the company itself for any necessary announcements and news updates.
  • @ryancohen - The Chewy founder and Chairman of the Board at GameStop is one of the more fascinating accounts in the GME space. A man on the inside, Cohen frequently makes tongue and cheek posts that riff on Wall Street and corporate America at large.
  • @pwnwtfbbq - If you’re looking for someone that brings technical analysis to the table, this is a good account to have on your radar. She often digs deep into the business side of things, making important GME news understandable to the average trader.
  • @JomCromor - A parody account of CNBC financial analyst Jim Cramer, this account is a full meme overload, constantly sharing hilarious posts about GameStop (GME), as well as Wall Street and the rest of the stock market.
  • @michaeljburry - You may recognize Burry as the person who’s real-life story inspired the movie The Big Short, but he’s also got a history with GameStop. A former GME long, his rare posts on Twitter are usually something worth reading.
  • @BurryArchive - An extension upon the last entry. Burry is infamous for deleting his tweets, and this account keeps a live archive of everything he posts. Worth checking out if you want to see the tweets that are no longer available.
  • @CokeRatCramer - Another meme-heavy account parodying Jim Cramer. If you want some absurd posts about GameStop and the financial world, this is a good place to be.
  • @Official_WSB - The WSB subreddit was key in the initial GME short squeeze, and there’s actually a Twitter that serves as an extension of that community. They frequently share and comment on the latest GameStop-related news.
  • @TheRoaringKitty - Keith Gill himself. A bit of a legend in the GME community, Gill hasn’t tweeted in nearly a year. However, his relevance in this space and the hope that he’ll someday make a return is a good enough reason to give him a follow.
  • @larryvc - The Volition co-founder and member of GameStop’s board is another person worth keeping an eye on. Though he may not meme around like Ryan Cohen, he’s someone on the inside with good insight into the business.
  • @GMEdd - A page purely dedicated to GameStop news. Frequently shares information relevant to potential GME investors.
  • @rukizzel - As GameStop's Community Manager, Rukari is deeply invested in the GME world. Not only is he a direct communication line for the company, he often engages with Twitter users.
  • @GameStopEsports - Though it's not directly related to the stock or the financial side of things, this is another official GameStop account that shares information directly from the retailer.
  • @technosucks - Our own Shacknews Luminary is quite avid in the GameStop space. With a history in business and finance, you can expect level-headed analysis and timely updates on what’s important in the GME sphere. Plus, a consistent flow of memes, as a bonus.

Those are the GME Twitter accounts to follow if you want to immerse yourself into the online community surrounding one of the most interesting stocks on the market. For more on everything you need to know about GameStop, you can stick with us right here on Shacknews.

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