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Deathverse: Let It Die dev diary rocks out with sound producer Akira Yamaoka

The second developer diary features a rockin' interview with Uncle Death and the game's sound producer, Akira Yamaoka.


The second developer diary video for Deathverse: Let It Die is now live, bringing with it funky fresh information for eager fans. In the previous developer diary video, Uncle Death interviewed director Shin Hideyuki on topics such as the team’s transition from Grasshopper Manufacture to Supertrick Games, and how Deathverse isn’t Let It Die 2, though the two games are related.

This time around, Uncle Death has grabbed legendary composer Akira Yamaoka for an interview. If you’re wondering how Akira Yamaoka is involved with Deathverse, he’s actually working as a Sound Producer on the game, which is noted after Uncle Death sneaks up on him at the Supertrick office.

The video goes on to show Yamaoka strumming a stylish 7-string Ibanez with Uncle Death grooving out beside him. While speaking with Yamaoka, Uncle Death points out that Yamaoka was involved in the soundtrack for Let It Die as well as the sound, before asking what the sound in Deathverse will be like comparatively.

To this, Yamaoka replies:

Deathverse: Let It Die features composer Akira Yamaoka as its sound producer.

Yamaoka goes on to remark that he believes players will get a different feel in Deathverse compared to Let It Die. Continuing this thread, Uncle Death points out there was music in the announcement trailer for Deathverse, and how the words “Death Jamboree” can be heard.

“Death Jamboree is the title of the fictional TV show in Deathverse,” Uncle Death says, before asking Yamaoka what concept he had in mind when creating it.

Uncle Death calls the quirkiness “eccentric” and Yamaoka continues with this idea by remarking how it felt very eccentric from a third-party perspective. Digging into the music composition even further, we get a look in the developer diary at how Yamaoka uses his guitar to tell a story. First, he plays some of Let It Die’s track, before transitioning to Deathverse’s track.

The difference is immediately apparent. For fans of the first game, there were clear rock and metal influences, whereas Deathverse definitely seems to encapsulate that eccentric, quirky funk style brought up earlier in the interview. For more on this, we recommend watching the entire developer diary video over on the YouTube channel for Uncle Death, especially if you want to hear Yamaoka’s badass outro riff.

Also be sure to check back with us here at Shacknews as we’ll be covering future developer diaries for Deathverse: Let It Die, and sharing interview content like this one where we asked Shin Hideyuki about things like the tasty-looking snack Uncle Death grabbed at the Supertrick office.

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