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Riders Republic: Season 2 opens multiplayer Showdown arena

Grab five of your friends and get ready for the Showdown in Season 2 of Riders Republic.


It's time for a Showdown in Riders Republic. Ubisoft's extreme sports title is getting a special multiplayer treat with the launch of the game's second season. A new Showdown mode will debut, opening the door to new multiplayer competition.

What is Showdown? Let's allow the team at Ubisoft to explain via the Riders Republic website:

Showdown is a brand new competitive multiplayer mode happening in a newly built arena. It's an electrifying 6v6 face-off where teams collect as many lightning bolts as possible, using Toys to help the squad or obstruct opponents. Discover three new toys: the Spider allows you to double jump and set traps, the Juggernaut is good for charging your enemies and destroying traps, and the Sniper is best to shoot snowballs from a distance with precision. Gather your crew, visit the Showdown gate in the Riders Ridge and get ready to climb the competitive ladder!

If you don't have five other friends to team up with, perhaps take part in a clan. Yes, clans are being added with the next Riders Republic update, allowing for up to 64 players to take part in a group.

There will be plenty to show off in the Showdown, including some new mechanics. Players on bikes will now be able to pop wheelies, perform manuals, and pull off stoppies. In fact, a full-blown Manual mode will challenge players to style on a single wheel.

Riders Republic Season 2

Those who own the Year 1 Pass should look forward to some new unlockables. This includes three new bike types: The Juggernaut, the Spider, and the Sniper. The Juggernaut will allow users to charge at opponents and take out any traps in their way. The Spider has a double jump and the ability to deploy traps. Lastly, the Sniper fires snowballs at far-away opponents.

Riders Republic Season 2 is not far away. It's set to begin this Tuesday, April 26. It's just the beginning for a full season of new content with Ubisoft already teasing a Rabbids event for May. Check out the Season 2 page to learn more about what's coming.

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