Fibbage 4 confirmed for The Jackbox Party Pack 9 at PAX East

Announced during the Jackbox Party PAX Panel, Fibbage will make its fourth appearance in a Jackbox Party Pack.


After eight successful game compilations, the folks at Jackbox Games are naturally going to double dip a few times to find some headliners for their party packs. For The Jackbox Party Pack 9, it's time to say hello to Fibbage for the fourth time. Yes, this year's collection will be headlined by Fibbage 4.

Announced during the Jackbox Games panel at PAX East 2022, Fibbage 4 will bring back many of the features that made the first three lie-a-thons so much fun. That includes host Cookie Masterson, new question categories, themed episodes, a newly-revamped Final Fibbage round, and new audience features. On top of that, Fibbage 4 will look to curate the user experience through the Enough About You mode, which will feature questions exclusively about the player and their group of friends.

In an effort to reach out to the player base, Jackbox Games is soliciting player stories to help come up with new anecdotes and questions. Those interested in participating can come up with their own wacky tale by filling out the form on the Jackbox Games website and sending in a video submission. If a video gets selected, that person will receive all nine Jackbox Party Pack titles.

Jackbox Party Pack 9

Fibbage 4 joins the all-new addition Roomerang in The Jackbox Party Pack 9. Three more games will be announced in the months ahead and they could be just about anything, though it should be noted that we haven't seen gameplay footage of either Fibbage 4 or Roomerang so that's still something to look out for in the coming weeks. We were charmed by many of the games included in The Jackbox Party Pack 8 and look forward to seeing what the Jackbox folks have lined up for their ninth collection.

For more on The Jackbox Party Pack 9 and everything from PAX East 2022, keep it here on Shacknews. We'll be back with the latest updates.

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