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Chelona's Rise puzzle solution - Elden Ring

Learn where to find the turtles for the Chelona's Rise puzzle in Elden Ring.


Unlocking the Chelona’s Rise tower in Elden Ring can seem difficult. While the clue might be familiar, actually locating the great wise beasts is not easy. To save yourself the hassle of running all over the plateau, we’ve got the exact locations you should be looking to locate these turtles.

Chelona’s Rise

elden ring chelona's rise
Chelona's Rise is located on the Moonlight Altar in the south of Liurnia of the Lakes.

The Chelona’s Rise sorcerer tower in Elden Ring is located on the Moonlight Altar, an area to the south of Liurnia of the Lakes. This area is accessible after you’ve followed Ranni’s questline through to end. As for the tower itself, it’s located on the southwest peninsula, overlooking the ocean. To remove the seal, you must find and kill three large ghost tortoises.

elden ring chelona's rise turtle clue

How you know to do this is due to the Chelona’s Rise clue, which reads: Seek three great wise beasts. These beasts are giant tortoises (some people call them turtles). Just because they’re giant doesn’t mean they’re going to be easy to find. In fact, they are incredibly well hidden considering their size.

elden ring chelona's rise turtle 1

The first tortoise is located just north of the tower, over the edge of the cliff. The beast is stuck to the side of the cliff. In order to actually hit it, you may need to use a bow and arrow or throwing knife. Stand a bit further north along the cliff and look back toward the tower to spot it.

elden ring chelona's rise turtle 2

The second tortoise is to the east, right at the end of the southern path. It’s located on a little flat elevation that can be difficult to reach. You might consider standing above it and, like the first one, using a bow and arrow to shoot it.

elden ring chelona's rise turtle 3

The third tortoise is found in the north of the plateau, right near the Evergaol. This tortoise is actually floating high up in the air. To reach this great beast, use the nearby Spiritspring while on Torrent to leap up to it. The Spiritspring is among the trees near the normal-sized tortoises.

In the event you cannot see any of the animals, you should return to Chelona’s Rise and read the clue again. The animals tend to disappear if you die or use a Site of Grace to fast travel around the field. Whenever you read the clue, the remaining tortoises will reappear. When all three are killed, you will see a message appear that the seal has been broken and you can now enter the tower. For the effort of unlocking Chelona’s Rise, you will receive the Ranni’s Dark Moon, one of the Legendary sorceries.

With the Chelona’s Rise turtles found and the tower unlocked, you’ll want to go ahead and hunt down all the other sorcerer towers. Thankfully, you can find solutions to all of those over on our Elden Ring strategy guide.

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