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Rocket League knuckles up with PvP Knockout Bash LTM next week

The team-based sport of Rocket League is about to go in an entirely different direction with a new limited-time mode called Knockout.


For years, Rocket League has been focused on teams of vehicles taking aim at a giant ball and driving it straight into the opposing team's goal post. Next week, Psyonix is going to mix things up in a big way. What happens when Rocket League just ditches the ball entirely and focuses purely on survival? The result is a new limited time event called Knockout Bash.

The Knockout Bash event will center around a new LTM called Knockout. In Knockout, eight players will step into new arenas for a PvP survival experience. That's right, there will be no teams. Instead, the objective is to literally destroy the opposition. Every arena will be filled with various hazards, like spikes and laser grids, which will KO opponents instantly. Also, the surrounding Safezone area will gradually close in over the course of the game. If a player is outside the Safezone area for longer than ten seconds, they will be KO'd. If sessions last longer than six minutes, the game goes to Sudden KO. Every player has three lives, so make the most of them to survive.

New mechanics will also be introduced exclusively for Knockout mode. Players can knock opponents back at greater distances than they can in standard Rocket League matches. It's also possible to block incoming attacks, but the block has to be timed just right. Lastly, there's a Grab function that will allow users to command grab their opponents and chuck them across great distances, possibly into a hazard. Standard Rocket League mechanics will likewise be adjusted for Knockout. This includes the lock-on function, which will now lock onto the nearest opponent, and amplified jumping, dodging, and boosting mechanics.

Rocket League Knockout Bash LTM

The Knockout Bash event will offer players a chance to pick up some new rewards. Golden Gift Baskets will be available over the course of the event, which will include classic items from the Victory, Accelerator, and Turbo Item Series. Rocket League fans can also pick up the Bob's Ramen Player Banner by following select Rocket League streams on Twitch.

The Knockout Bash event, as well as the Knockout game mode, will only be available for a limited time. Look for the festivities to run from Wednesday, April 27 through Tuesday, May 10. We've been following the latest stories on Psyonix's sports game over the past few years and aren't about to stop now, so bookmark the Rocket League topic page for the latest updates.

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