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Weekend Discussion - April 16, 2022

Welcome back to Weekend Discussion. Cheers to the weekend!


We are halfway through the month and it is looking like a pretty great time to be a gamer. But for now, join me for Weekend Discussion!

Happy Anniversary to Shacknews!

The site you are on right now turned 26 earlier this week and it has been an awesome ride. We hope you continue to join us on this journey and enjoy our reviews, previews, long reads, and more for another 26 years. As I'm a few months away from my first anniversary with the Shack, I must say, I've met some amazing people here and learned plenty about the games we love.

Check out some Twitch footage from our special Quake stream because we were founded as a Quake site way back in 1996 and it is still near and dear to our hearts. 

Full stream highlight is available here.

In Case You Missed It

A24 is having a good first half of the year.

I love film so hearing how much our very own Donovan enjoyed the new movie "Everything Everywhere All at Once" during Thursdays episode of "Pop! Goes the Culture!" really made me excited to see the film. I love Michelle Yeoh and despite being in the film industry for 20+ years, this movie is her first film as the lead actress. I might have to make a masked theater trip to see this one. Check out more of Donovan's thoughts in this clip.

Retail Therapy was really chill. Minature painting is pretty cool!

Blake, Rodney, and special guests Ted & Chris the Founder of Modiphius had a really fun time talking about Tabletop gaming while also watching Greg paint minatures during the 3rd episode of Retail Therapy. Check out this clip below:

Elder Scrolls Online has a new expansion coming soon and we got an exclusive interview with the dev team to chat about the new story, locations, and even the card game. Take a look. 

And Now...The Internet.

Much love to staff member Ozzie who took the trip to Extra Life United to support Children's Hospitals around the country and played MArio KArt and Fall Guys for the charity! 

Now we can scare the kids away with this nightmare fuel. 

NPC's are tired of your crap Hero of Time!  

Since we got a Kingdom Hearts 4 announcement...

Accurate Tweet of the week.

Time to go back in time. 

Tax Day is upon us here in the States and I stumbled upon an EG and TurboTax collab the other day. I guess that is one ay to get prepared. 

You know I like to end on some positivity. This week, my friend SamWithoutAPlan did something amazing. Check out a clip of her beating Elden Ring on a StreamDeck! 

Weekend Vibes

I some how managed to completely forget that Vince Staples was dropping a new album! Premium vibes are here. Cheers to the weekend.

Action Bronson on a surfboard and the bars are smooth enough to slide down. Enjoy.

Siince Easter Sunday is less than 24 hours away. Here's a track hot off the presses. And Musiq Soulchild making an appearance is certainly a big plus here. 

One more for the road. R.I.P. Virgil. 

I hope that you all have a great night and an even better Sunday, and thank you for reading. If you like this content, consider dropping a subscription to Mercury. See you all next week!

Community Manager

Dennis is the current Community Manager and Social Media lead for Shacknews. He loves to be part of the conversation with readers and the gaming community. He’s been an avid gamer since his dad showed up with a Sega Genesis on Christmas day. Denny is very passionate about making the game industry and associated media spaces more inclusive, and was founder of an organization for POC content creators with over 800 of the best and brightest around the world. He’s also been a content creator on Twitch since 2015 and has spoken live at panels for Twitchcon, C2E2, Queer Esports, and several others along with providing D&I consulting for up and coming brands in gaming.

Dennis is a huge fan of fighting games, hosting live tournament events for games like Injustice 2 and Tekken 7 with some fun color commentary. He’s also regularly competing in several tourneys annually for games like Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter V. As a Chicago native, you can expect him to be slightly depressed about the Bears post-season hopes on a regular basis. He’s also a fan of FromSoftware created Soulsborne games and enjoys doing challenge runs in his spare time. He hopes to complete his first no-hit run of a Dark Souls game by the end of the year. When he’s not gaming, you can find him diving into the discount comics bin or enjoying a horror movie with the lights off.

You can contact him at and connect with him on Twitter at @DennyVonDoom.

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