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Blinkmoon - VFX artists on starting a video game studio

The studio is comprised of VFX veterans who've worked on projects like Game of Thrones.


Blinkmoon is a brand new independent game studio founded by VFX industry veterans. These veterans have shared their VFX talents in blockbuster hits like HBO’s Game of Thrones and games like Ratchet & Clank.

Now, they’re working on their own games with their website noting a focus on, “Building great games on the bleeding-edge of tech. We are the confluence of the entertainment and gaming worlds.”

Curious about Blinkmoon’s creation, and what sort of projects we might see from the studio, Shacknews’ Greg Burke recently conducted an interview with the likes of Hugh Behroozy, CEO and Founder of Blinkmoon, and Mohsen Mousavi, Creative Director and COO of Blinkmoon.

Touching upon how the two met, Behroozy remarks that he met Mousavi at a visual effects studio in Vancouver, Canada called Scanline. While there, Behroozy worked with Mousavi on noteworthy projects including Game of Thrones. “He was actually my boss at Scanline,” Behroozy explained.

Mousavi then goes on to detail his history in the industry.

The interview is a two-parter, so while the first part of the interview outlines the background, history, and experience of Blinkmoon’s Hugh Behroozy and Mohsen Mousavi, the second part goes more in-depth into Blinkmoon itself.

After being asked about the sort of games that Blinkmoon might create and projects that might be accepted, along with the development approach the studio might take, Behroozy responded:

Moving on to the specific types of games that might come out of Blinkmoon, Behroozy notes the studio is primarily looking at online multiplayer games right now, along with story-driven tactical stealth games.

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