Infinity Game Table interview: Enhancing game night with technology

We get a chance to speak with Infinity Game Table's Jeff Jones about what makes this product a game-changer for board game enthusiasts.


While most of the focus here at Shacknews tends to fall on the side of video games, we have a great affection for the board games that inspired our beloved digital playthings and respect for how important in-person game nights are for millions of people. One company has been hard at work attempting to bridge the gap between classic games and the digital realm. Arcade1Up's Infinity Game Table is a new device that can serve as the centerpiece of your upcoming game night and offers nearly endless possibilities without the hassle of maintaining multiple board games and their countless accessories.

We got a chance to speak with Jeff Jones, Brand Director for Infinity Game Table about what makes this device special and what potential owners can look forward to should they take the leap into Infinity.

The Infinity Game Table pairs a touchscreen-enabled digital display with premium materials and construction. It can serve as a table itself, or be set up flat onto an existing table. You and up to 5 additional friends can gather around the device to enjoy a session of Monopoly, Ticket to Ride, or one of the other licensed games available.

The surface is tough enough to deal with impacts and spills, so you don’t need to worry about overserving your klutzy friends during a round of Hungry Hungry Hippos. WiFi support is also built into the Infinity Game Table, allowing you and your friends to interact when an in-person game night is out of the cards. 

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