DXRacer Craft Series review: Extraordinary embroidery

The latest lineup of chairs from DXRacer feature some of the most striking designs yet.


DXRacer gaming chairs are known for their sleek, stylish designs, and the latest batch of chairs featured in the DXRacer Craft Series are no exception. In my opinion, the Craft Series boasts some of the best looking DXRacer chairs yet. Rather than focusing solely on color combo options like red and black or pink and white, the Craft Series from DXRacer offers unique, themed designs with standouts for me being Lucky Koi Fish, Pink Hello Human Cat, and Yellow Rabbit in Dino.

DXRacer Craft Series designs include standouts like Lucky Koi Fish and Hello Human Cat.

I was given the privilege of putting my boney butt in the seat of the stunning Lucky Koi Fish model. Compared to my previous office chair, a cheap $99 one off Amazon being held together with duct tape and prayers, the DXRacer Craft Series chair is a treasure of unparalleled luxury.

In fact, my first thought upon seeing the chair after it was all put together was that scene from Wayne’s World where Wayne and Garth are on the ground bowing and repeating, “We’re not worthy.” The level of detail in the embroidered design, adjustable lumbar support, durable polyurethane leather, and overall firm, sturdy structure of the chair make it feel well worth its $479 USD purchase price.

Like a glove

The DXRacer Craft Series chairs feel sturdy and durable.

The price of the Craft Series chairs may seem staggering at first, especially compared to other DXRacer chairs in the Prince and Legacy Series priced around $329. However, the Craft Series is slightly more affordable than the King Series at $499 USD, and substantially more affordable than the Tank Series seats at $629 USD for larger gamers up to 400 lbs and a height of 6’6”.

On that note, the Craft Series is recommended for gamers up to 200 lbs and a height up to 5’7”. For me, the height recommendations feel a bit more flexible than the recommended weight limit. I feel like I fit perfectly in the chair height wise despite being 5’9”, two inches above the recommended height.

Additionally, the max height is listed at 6’0” so with that in mind, if you’re a few inches taller than the 5’7” recommendation, you should be fine. In regards to weight I’m 130 lbs, but in stacking some gym weights on the chair to test it out and put it closer to that 200 lb recommendation, I was happy to find that the chair continued to feel sturdy and supportive.

What helps is that the chair feels heavy and firm, like it’d take a good amount of force and years of consistent wear and tear for it to start falling apart. That said, I probably wouldn’t recommend the chair if you’re 50 lbs or more over the 200 lb recommended weight limit based on my own experimentation. If you’re over 250 lbs you’re almost certainly better off going with the King Series chairs which support gamers up to 275 lbs.

Visual splendor

Visually, the DXRacer Craft Series chairs are absolutely gorgeous.

The biggest pull of the Craft Series chairs are undoubtedly the designs, with seven pre-made design choices available on the DXRacer website. Additionally, DXRacer notes custom imaging options for the front, sides, and back of the chair, with these images brought to life through the use of vibrant embroidery.

The end result is a chair that immediately grabs your attention when you walk into the room. If you’re looking for a chair to impress your friends with, or make you look cool on a livestream, the Craft Series is where it’s at. The only nitpick I have when it comes to the aesthetic of the chair is the armrests feel a little too plain compared to the rest of the chair.

It’d be nice if the armrests also sported some of the embroidered design details found on the body of the chair. With that being said, the armrests are adjustable, allowing you to move them outward or inward as needed, which I found to be a nice touch in terms of keeping the armrests right where I needed them based on how I was sitting.

In terms of assembly, this was a breeze thanks to the gigantic piece of cardboard the instructions were printed on that comes packaged in with the chair. It was a relief to not have to fumble through a tiny little pamphlet while piecing things together. 

Another noteworthy aspect of the assembly process is that a decent chunk of the chair (the body in particular) requires only minimal assembly. You’ll primarily find yourself connecting larger pieces together in a few short, easy steps rather than handling a million tiny pieces and screws.

The biggest challenge when it comes to assembly is the base of the chair with the legs and wheels and levers, along with the armrests. You also may want to have a second person help you with assembling the chair as it’s somewhat heavy and can be difficult to hold certain parts steady while you connect them. Time wise, it took less than 30 minutes to put everything together.

Firm and supportive

The Craft Chair series are firm, yet supportive.

One of my main critiques of the Craft Series chair I got to test out for this review is the firmness of the seat itself. While I appreciated the firmness of the back of the chair, and appreciated the integrated lumbar support, the seat itself takes firmness to a whole other level.

Because of this, I ended up migrating my memory foam butt pillow (don’t knock it till you try it folks) over to my new DXRacer chair. With that added cushioning, the chair felt a lot more comfortable than it had previously. The butt pillow I added also ironically matched the vibe of the cool gel memory foam pillow that comes with the chair. When you recline the chair all the way back and settle your head on that pillow, you feel like you could easily fall asleep, it’s that cozy.

To circle back though, if you’re someone with a bad back, or are on the skinnier side, and you’re considering buying one of these Craft Series chairs, I’d personally recommend buying a butt pillow separately to mitigate some of the chair’s firmness. Also, if you sit awkwardly in your chair like I do (I often sit like L from Death Note), I recommend utilizing the chair’s integrated lumbar support. It feels really nice when you press your lower back up against it.

Final thoughts

I’m extremely impressed with the level of detail the Craft Series chairs offer. The functionality is right where it needs to be in terms of things like the lumbar support being easy to adjust, armrests you can turn outward or inward, the deep, supportive recline and memory foam neck pillow, and even things like how easily the wheels roll across the floor.

I have a rug in my office, and my previous chair was an absolute nightmare to try and scoot around on. I used to have to get up and drag my old chair where I wanted it. The Craft Series chair moves like a dream, and is easily scootable even though the chair itself is quite heavy. That heaviness helps lend to the chair’s durability, and is very much appreciated, especially if you’re someone who intends to use this chair on a daily basis, and for extended periods of time.

All in all, I highly recommend the Craft Series chairs, especially if you’re looking to treat yourself with something that feels truly special and one of a kind.

Review based on a DXRacer Craft Series (Lucky Koi Fish model) chair provided by DXRacer for review. The DXRacer Craft Series chairs retail at $479 USD and can be purchased on the DXRacer website

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  • Luxurious and unique
  • Embroidered designs look stunning
  • Adjustable lumbar support feels wonderful on your back
  • Chair feels impressively sturdy and durable
  • Wheels of the chair roll like a dream even on carpet
  • Seat can feel uncomfortably firm on your butt
  • Embroidered armrests would fit the design better
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