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Nightdive Studios interview - Staying true to System Shock

Nightdive's Larry Kuperman speaks with us about the process of reimagining one of the most iconic PC games ever made.


If you had to assemble a Mount Rushmore of the landmark releases in 90s PC gaming, it would be a real struggle to leave System Shock off the list. While it failed to reach the commercial success of its contemporaries such as Doom or Warcraft 2, its wildly inventive design and thrilling narrative ensured its spot as one of the most influential games ever conceived. System Shock married a dystopian cyberpunk aesthetic with gameplay elements that continued to be copied and refined to this day.

Back in 2015, the team at Nightdive Studios completed work on System Shock: Enhanced Edition, a project that aimed to bring the original game up to modern PC gaming standards and ensure compatibility with current hardware and operating system configurations. A few weeks later, the studio announced plans to create a full-blown remake of the game for PC and consoles. The project is slated to arrive later this year following loads of fan support and a successful Kickstarter campaign. 

We got an opportunity to speak with Larry Kuperman, Director of Business Development over at Nightdive Studios. He spoke with us about the genesis of the project and the realities of bringing a much-loved classic to an entirely new audience.

System Shock is a remake of the beloved PC classic. Updating mechanics, graphics, and enemy AI, System Shock is here to offer a new generation of players a chance to go toe-to-toe with one of gaming's iconic enemies: SHODAN. Fight, hack, and save humanity from a fate worse than death itself.

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