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The Wheel of Time remastered by Nightdive Studios for

The team behind remasters for System Shock, Turok, Quake, and others are working their magic again on a mostly forgotten 1999 gem.


Update: Since this post, we've been informed by PR that work on the remaster was done by the GOG tech team, not Nightdive Studios, as previously indicated. Nightdive Studios is credited as the developer of the game on the Wheel of Time listing, as well as in the opening splash screen for the trailer.

Original story: A fresh generation of fans are discovering Robert Jordan's The Wheel of Time for the first time through the acclaimed Amazon series. It's been creating fresh buzz for the original novels, but there's another tie-in that has mostly been lost to the ages... at least, until now. The Wheel of Time had a video game tie-in back in 1999 that fans of the newer show may be unaware ever existed. However, thanks to Nightdive Studios, the original game has been remastered and exclusively listed on DRM-free retailer

The Wheel of Time was originally put together by Legend Entertainment and set 150 years before the events of Robert Jordan's novels and the Amazon TV series. Players will follow the journey of Elayna Sedai, who sets out to retrieve one of the four lost seals keeping the Dark One imprisoned, which has been stolen by a mysterious faction. This is a first-person adventure in which players mainly utilize magic, powered by more than 40 varieties and combinations of ter'angreal.

For The Wheel of Time, Nightdive Studios has put in the same level of effort in remastering it as it has in preserving other games of yesteryear. The team is known mainly for its work on System Shock Enhanced Edition and System Shock 2, but has also worked on restoring several other games from the late 90s, including Doom 64, Turok, and Quake.

Those interested in picking up The Wheel of Time will find it exclusively on, another entity that has been working to bring old school gaming back to the forefront. The Wheel of Time will mark one of the first titles to feature the new "Good Old Game" tag, which is being reserved for classics that are older than ten years.

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