Crystal Dynamics working on new Tomb Raider built on Unreal Engine 5

The next big Lara Croft adventure will be built using Epic's latest engine.


Earlier today, the folks over at Epic Games took the opportunity to formally release the Unreal Engine 5.0 development kit. They also produced a digital presentation to celebrate the occasion and took the time to showcase work being done with the engine from various third-party developers around the world. One such studio was Crystal Dynamics, who announced at the show that their newest Tomb Raider game is being built on Unreal Engine 5.

During the State of Unreal web presentation, Crystal Dynamics General Manager Dallas Dickinson confirmed that the team is working on a new Tomb Raider game and that the project was being built to leverage the power of Unreal Engine 5. Previous Tomb Raider titles, including 2013’s Tomb Raider and 2015’s Rise of the Tomb Raider, were built on Crystal Dynamic’s own Foundation Engine.

The Foundation Engine (or some iteration of it) powered the studio’s previous projects dating back to the days of Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Tomb Raider: Underworld. It appears that the Foundation Engine may have made its final appearance powering Marvel’s Avengers.

While no other details on the new Tomb Raider project were made available during the presentation, it is probably a safe bet to assume the new game will look very impressive on PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles when it is finally ready for release.

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