Nobody Saves the World releases on PS5 & Switch next week

After spending a few months on PC and Xbox, Nobody Saves the World is expanding to PS5 and Switch.


Earlier this year, Drinkbox Studios released a new kind of action RPG, one centered around a blank slate. With a story that centered around taking on many different forms, Nobody Saves the World quickly charmed players and critics alike on PC and Xbox. However, truly saving the world means expanding onto other platforms. Fortunately, Drinkbox's latest is about to come to PlayStation and Nintendo.

On Monday, Drinkbox announced that Nobody Saves the World would release on Thursday, April 14 for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch. Those who pick up the PlayStation version will receive the game for both PS5 and PS4. However, that's not all that's coming on that day. All versions of the game, including the one currently on PC and Xbox, will receive a new local co-op update. That may interest Nintendo Switch users, specifically, as they'll be able to play side-by-side with a friend in Tabletop Mode.

Shacknews is among those who loved Nobody Saves the World. Let's take a look back at our review:

Nobody Saves the World is bursting with style at every turn. The game’s 2D art style is gorgeous, with colors popping out and inviting the player to inspect every inch of the world. The map is rather large, and the different biomes and environments are each given their own distinct visual identity. For example, the decaying, colorless surrounding areas of The Witch Queen Catacombs is a stark contrast from the dense jungle surrounding Stonefish Village or the desert-like Mutown.

We'll likely be looking at Nobody Saves the World again when Game of the Year deliberations come up. If you've missed out to this point, consider giving it a look when it comes to PlayStation and Nintendo Switch next week.

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