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Scarlet Nexus update 1.08 patch notes add Tales of Arise crossover

Two of Bandai Namco's most surprising 2021 releases are about to cross over.


Scarlet Nexus proved to be a pleasant surprise last year, delivering anime action on a level that players may not have been expecting. While the game's main stories look to be at an end, Bandai Namco has continued to support the game with an ample amount of post-launch content. The latest offering, included in Free Update Version 1.08, introduces new content for another Bandai Namco hit, Tales of Arise.

If you've been playing Yuito's story in Scarlet Nexus, get ready for some new Tales of Arise-themed drops. With the Scarlet Nexus 1.08 update, Yuito can now equip the Blazing Sword, as well as the Broken Iron Mask and Owlet Doll attachments. Plus, groove to some new background music straight from Tales of Arise.

On top of that, Tales of Arise will also receive crossover content from Scarlet Nexus. With the latest Tales of Arise update, Alphen can now receive a Myoho Muramasa Replica weapon, a Handmade Hair Clip Replica, and some new Scarlet Nexus background music.

On top of the new Tales of Arise drops, the latest Scarlet Nexus update will include a new Very Easy difficulty setting. If you've been holding back because the game looks a little too intense, this new difficulty level should help out by focusing more on the story and emphasizing less on the use of assist items. If that's still not enough for you to jump in, Bandai Namco is dropping a new Story Demo that will show the opening moments from each character's story. Any progress made from the Story Demo can be carried over to the full game. You can learn more about what's coming on the Bandai Namco website.

The Scarlet Nexus 1.08 update is available now. The Tales of Arise update, featuring the new Scarlet Nexus items, is also out right now. We'll be keeping an eye out for anymore surprises from Bandai Namco, so keep it on Shacknews for the latest updates.

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