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How to adjust difficulty - Tunic

Are the enemies in Tunic proving a little bit too tough for you or your small child? There's a way to turn the intensity down.


Those who play Tunic as it is are going to be in for a difficult adventure. Don't let that adorable mascot fool you. This game is tough as nails and will often wreck unsuspecting players. However, what if you want to give Tunic to a little kid or someone who maybe doesn't dig the unforgiving difficulty so much? Fortunately, there's something that can be done about that.

How to adjust difficulty - Tunic

"I can turn the difficulty down?" a curious reader may be asking. Well, the answer is "yes" and "no."

There are no traditional difficulty settings or sliders in Tunic. However, there is one setting that may intrigue those who have encountered an overly difficult foe. On the main menu, scroll down to Options and then select Accessibility. Within the Accessibility menu, you'll find "No Fail Mode," which will mean that your character will take no damage from enemies. That inclues those big, bad bosses that you'll inevitably encounter over the course of your journey.

Is this a surefire way to cheat the game and beat Tunic easily? Well, again, the answer is "yes" and "no." There's no denying the difficulty curve takes a significant dip when No Fail Mode is on, but that only applies to the combat. The Tunic experience is about much more than the combat, as our review notes. Success means also navigating the world and deciphering where to go next. There's also difficulty in exploration, but that one, dear player, is a hurdle you'll have to overcome yourself.

If you'd like to lower the combat difficulty without outright enabling God Mode, there's a happy medium in the form of No Stamina Restrictions, which is also in the Accessibility menu. This will remove the penalties for running out of stamina, which also include the damage multiplier that increases when the meter is empty. You'll still take damage, but the game will be slightly more forgiving than normal.

That's how you can adjust your difficulty in Tunic, so now you can pass your game off to your kids and let them enjoy it at their own pace. For more news and guides, be sure to click on the Tunic topic page.

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