Square Enix has a roadmap of fixes for Chocobo GP, but only between seasons

Square Enix has a list of user-reported issues it will address in Chocobo GP, but the changes will be implemented between seasons.


Chocobo GP is a pretty decent Final Fantasy spin on the kart racing genre, but it wasn’t perfect. There are a few bugs affecting online play and various aspects of season passes and premium currencies are dragging the experience down for some players. Square Enix has heard the complaints and has plans to address them. It listed the roadmap of priorities for fixes in Chocobo GP, but also suggested these changes may wait until between seasons to be implemented, about every two months or so.

The details on fixes and the timeline for them in Chocobo GP were shared recently via the game’s Japanese Twitter. With some translation via a post on the Nintendo Switch Subreddit, fans learned that Chocobo GP has a bit of a roadmap for addressing player issues with the game. The priorities are as follows:

  • Bug when purchasing items due to application version difference
  • At the time of matching, some players do not go into the READY state and cannot proceed to the race
  • The start timing of the race does not match
  • The state that does not meet the specified number of laps

The Chocobo GP developers suggested that the approach to fixing the game would be focused on these priorities and the corrections for them. However, only a handful of fixes will be pushed out immediately, including the following:

  • Significant relaxation of the score required to raise the prize level
  • It will be relaxed from the current achievement level or later. Depending on the condition, the level may be raised immediately.

Outside of these fixes, the major patches for Chocobo GP will be carried out between seasons for the game. It could be up to two months between when we see big patches roll out for the game. Nonetheless, Square Enix seems dedicated to making sure Chocobo GP is as good an experience as it can be.

When we reviewed Chocobo GP, we found it to be a solid take on the kart racer that utilized the Final Fantasy universe well. It will be nice to see the issues players have had with the game spruced up, even if we have to wait a bit between patches. Stay tuned as we await further updates and patch notes right here at Shacknews.

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