Dino Crisis co-designer is 'deeply involved' in ExoPrimal

Dino Crisis franchise producer Hiroyuki Kobayashi recently confirmed that he has a hand in the work of ExoPrimal.


When Capcom showed off ExoPrimal during the last PlayStation State of Play event, many were likely confused by the crisis of dinos that was not Dino Crisis. Nonetheless, the game looks cool, pitting soldiers in mech suits against weather events raining raptors, t-rexes, and other Jurassic critters down on the urban sprawl of the future. What’s more, apparently some key staff of the actual Dino Crisis is involved in the game.

Dino Crisis co-designer and Dino Crisis 2 and 3 lead producer Hiroyuki Kobayashi recently shared his involvement in ExoPrimal via his personal Twitter. Kobayashi listed a number of games he had been “deeply involved” in, including Dino Crisis, Devil May Cry, Dragon’s Dogma, and, coyly, now ExoPrimal. It rounds out Kobayashi’s list, suggesting he has a heavy hand in the development of the upcoming game.

ExoPrimal was easily one of the standout announcements of the February PlayStation State of Play. Capcom gave many the slip with the announcement of dinosaurs followed by the appearance of a red-headed soldier that could easily be mistaken as original series protagonist Regina. That said, the gameplay couldn’t be more different (though not for the worse). ExoPrimal pits co-op players in a fight against the dinosaur threat, fighting literally flood of scaly monsters looking to tear them apart. Players will be able to use a number of mechs suited to various specializations including heavy tank, gunner, airborne, medic, and close combat mechs.

On that note, having Kobayashi involved in this project sounds fun. He certainly has the experience to help make ExoPrimal an enjoyable romp between his work on not only Dino Crisis, but Devil May Cry as well. With ExoPrimal slated for early 2023 launch, there’s still a lot we want to see, but the game most assuredly has the attention of many. Stay tuned as we await further details on ExoPrimal leading into next year.

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