Netflix's League of Legends show Arcane wins 9 Annie Awards

Riot Games also invested in Arcane animation studio Fortiche.


At the Annie Awards, Netflix’s League of Legends show Arcane won big, sweeping up a staggering nine wins. The exciting news was shared by Riot Games on social media with a list of the categories Arcane won in, including best writing, best character design, and best direction to name just a few.

The full list of categories Arcane won in at the Annie Awards are as follows:

  • Best Writing
  • Best Voice Acting
  • Best Character Design
  • Best Character Animation
  • Best TV/Media - General Audience
  • Best Production Design
  • Best Storyboarding
  • Best Direction
  • Best FX

The number of wins scooped up by Arcane have made it the most-nominated and awarded TV show of the year according to Riot Games. With that being said, not only is Riot Games celebrating Arcane’s nine wins at the Annie Awards, the company also invested in Arcane animation studio Fortiche, further solidifying the close relationship between both companies.

Not only did Arcane win big at the Annie Awards with nine wins, Riot Games also announced a new equity investment in Arcane animation studio Fortiche.

The investment news was shared by Riot Games on the company’s official website.

Essentially, both companies will continue working closely with one another on projects like Arcane which is getting a second season as announced back in November 2021, though it’s worth pointing out that Fortiche isn’t notable for their phenomenal work on Arcane alone.

If you remember the massive success that League of Legends track “POP/STARS” from K/DA garnered back in 2018, you may be intrigued to learn that the animated music video for the song came from Fortiche. Currently, POP/STARS sits at over 500 million views on YouTube, which is no small feat, even in comparison to Arcane’s performance on Netflix and nine wins at the Annie Awards.

That’s not all Fortiche has worked on, either. In the news post from Riot Games on the investment in Fortiche, it’s noted:

The last comment on both companies thriving on one another’s successes certainly seems to be the case, as everything that Fortiche works on seems to turn to gold, figuratively speaking, for Riot Games. This is further emphasized by stats like Arcane premiering at #1 on Netflix back in November 2021, at which point it held that top spot for three full weeks while also boasting a 100 percent critic score on Rotten Tomatoes.

We look forward to seeing more of Fortiche’s work for Riot Games, with season two of Arcane currently in production. We also look forward to seeing what else Fortiche does for Riot Games in the future now that Riot has invested in the company. For more on the investment, be sure to read through the full announcement from Riot Games.

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