The Gunk devs on creating a world and learning from SteamWorld Dig

Learn more about the game's creation, how the core gameplay mechanic was first implemented, character creation for Rani and Becks, and more.


The Gunk is a captivating action-adventure title where you play as space haulers Rani and Becks in search of valuable resources, which you find on a previously undiscovered planet full of life, danger, and mystery.

The game was developed by Image & Form Games, the developers of SteamWorld Dig. In a recent interview with Shacknews’s own Greg Burke, we get the opportunity to learn even more about the creation of The Gunk.

This information comes courtesy of the game’s narrative director Peter Broqvist, and narrative lead Oliver Elm. In the interview, Broqvist opens by explaining where the idea for The Gunk came from, and how it grew organically from a number of different prototypes.

The characters as well, Rani and Becks, were ones that developed and grew into their own over time, with Elm remarking on how they like the idea that the characters represent the different aspects of you, the player.

There was a lot of back and forth prototyping with the core gameplay mechanic of The Gunk as well. Elaborating on this, Broqvist notes:

The developers then go into detail about the development of the game’s story, creating the world and unique levels of The Gunk, and some of the things they learned from the development of SteamWorld Dig.

To dive deeper into The Gunk, be sure to check out the full interview with Peter Broqvist and Oliver Elm of Image & Form Games over on GamerHubTV. And while you’re there, hit the subscribe button to catch more developer interviews. For other exciting gaming-related videos, subscribe to the Shacknews YouTube channel!

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