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How to upgrade your stats - Tunic

You're not going to fare well in Tunic on your base stats alone. Here's what you need to know to upgrade.


Did you know that you can increase your stats in Tunic? Did you know you even had stats in Tunic? You certainly do! You might have missed the instruction page scattered out in the world with that information. If you did, then allow Shacknews to brief you on what you need to know.

How to upgrade your stats - Tunic

With your sword and shield in hand, you're likely going to go past the waterfall and explore the northern part of the island. To this point, you'll likely have found some random items that you won't even be able to identify, due to every message in the game being delivered in the island's native language. However, you'll soon learn what you can do with these.

After walking through the waterfall path north of the game's first save point, you can follow a path southward containing sword enemies. Dispose of them one at a time and beware of a pesky turret. You'll hopefully have the shield at this point, otherwise you won't get much farther.

After you've defeated the enemies and destroyed that annoying turret, you'll find a bridge that you can lower. Lower the bridge and walk towards a second one, but before that, you'll find a tutorial message. The message will show a few pictures and more of the game's native language, but one sentence will show up in plain English. It reads, "If you seek to increase your power..."

Here's what the message translates to: If you're at any save point, hit the LB button on your Xbox controller. You can take some of those mystery items you've found and offer them up for sacrifice. Offer up those items, along with a nominal gold deposit, and you can upgrade your stats. This will make taking on some of those more aggravating enemies a little bit easier.

Now you know how to upgrade your stats in Tunic. Keep it here on Shacknews and watch the Tunic topic page, as we look to guide you through this adventure.

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