Arthur VR founder talks working from home in a virtual space

Conference calls are a thing of the past now that Arthur is enriching the work from home meeting experience.


The idea of working from home isn’t a foreign concept to those who have been working for themselves or work for overseas companies. But for a lot of other workers, it is a relatively new way to engage with their workplaces. Some companies are attempting to fuse together the work-from-home setup with virtual reality in a bid to create a work environment that can mimic the feeling of being in a brainstorming session with colleagues. One company that is leading this charge is Arthur. We recently got the opportunity to speak with Chris Fleischmann, the founder of Arthur, about what it takes to develop this sort of technology.

As companies and society in general move towards a work-from-home environment, new systems will inevitably spring up to enhance and improve the new workflow. One element that has always been difficult with the WFM model is missing the face-to-face nature of working in an office. Fleischmann has recognized this and, as the founder of Arthur, devised a means of addressing the problem.

Arthur allows companies to create a virtual workspace using mixed reality, including virtual reality and AR capabilities. The fusing of these systems allows for some rather in-depth and rich work experiences, even offering new perspectives and tools not available in the typical meeting room setting. As Fleischmann puts it, the team wants to “bring really productive meetings back to the digital world.”

Fleischmann has a lot of intriguing insight into the work-from-home model and how Arthur can enhance a company’s productivity. As the conversation around working from home continues, make sure you don’t miss any new information on this topic (or any other) by subscribing to the GamerHubTV and Shacknews YouTube channels.

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