BioWare says Dragon Age 'in the middle' of production

An update from BioWare offers fresh insight into where the team is at with the next Dragon Age game.


In a post on the BioWare blog, an update was shared regarding the development of the next Dragon Age game which was first announced back at The Game Awards 2018.

According to BioWare, Dragon Age 4 is “right in the middle of production” which is undoubtedly an exciting thing for fans to hear. Before indicating the next Dragon Age game is “in the middle” of production, the blog post from BioWare elaborates upon the team’s various production phases.

With this, one can infer that the next Dragon Age game has passed the Concept and Pre-Production phases now that it’s actively in Production. Additionally, BioWare notes that the blueprint for the game was finished last year which provides a rough timeline for how long the game has been in Production thus far.

Christian Dailey, Executive Producer on the next Dragon Age game who previously shared exciting concept art like the images in this article, is leaving BioWare.

The blog post from BioWare comments on other pieces of news pertaining to Dragon Age, including the departure of Christian Dailey from BioWare. While at BioWare, Dailey served as an Executive Producer on Dragon Age 4 and had a “big influence on our games and leadership team” according to BioWare.

Despite this, BioWare assures Dragon Age fans that a “strong leadership team of industry and Dragon Age veterans is in place to carry us through Production and beyond” before dropping info on a few talented people currently working on the game.

Additional updates regarding the development of Dragon Age 4 will be shared later this year through blog posts and social content according to BioWare.

It’s also noted that the author of the blog post, General Manager of BioWare, Gary McKay, will be working closely with the Dragon Age team as the game progresses through its Production phase, while also continuing to guide the studio.

If you’re itching for more Dragon Age updates, McKay confirms in the blog post that more will be shared from the Dragon Age team in the form of blog posts and social content later this year.

Furthermore, the team will be “in regular communication with players who sit on our community council” and will be listening to the feedback that’s provided. Lastly, BioWare assures fans they’re also working on the next Mass Effect game with the team being led by Mike Gamble, along with other veteran developers and “some new, really talented people.”

It’s always nice to hear updates on highly anticipated games like Dragon Age 4, as well as the next Mass Effect title, and we look forward to more updates like this from the BioWare team in the future.

For more on the production status of the next Dragon Age game, be sure to read through the full blog post from BioWare General Manager, Gary McKay.

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