Halo Infinite's maps ranked from worst to best

We're fans of Halo Infinite here, which means we have strong opinions about the official ranking of the multiplayer maps.


Whenever a new Halo title comes out, one of the first things players do is check out the multiplayer. It’s been a staple of the series since it first launched, offering up some of the best maps in first-person shooters. With the release of Halo Infinite, players get another bunch of maps to fight in, pick apart, and ultimately decide which ones they love and which ones they hate. And that’s exactly what we’ve done. We’ve gone ahead and ranked Halo Infinite’s maps from worst to best.

Before we get into the meat of it, we’ve separated the maps into their types: Arena (for the smaller maps) and the Big Team Battle maps. As always, let us know in the comments whether you agree with our ranking, and if not, where you’d rank the maps. We’ll be sure to update this ranking as new maps are added to the game.

Arena maps

The Arena maps are those that are played with smaller groups of players, typically 4v4 matches or free-for-all game modes. There were seven of these smaller maps released at launch, and while there are a lot of instant-classics, there are some that make us physically groan to play on them.

Launch Site

halo infinite maps ranked launch site

Launch Site has got to be, by far, the worst map in Halo Infinite. The main problem we constantly find with this map is its size. As a 4v4 map, it feels like you spend most of the time running around trying to find where your enemy spawned. It’s certainly not unusual for most matches to last the full 12 minutes due to the size.

In the event you want to risk getting spiked by a Skewer and choose to use a vehicle, there’s not a lot of freedom of movement. It’s almost as difficult as using a Warthog in Halo 2’s Turf map, albeit with the added danger of Infinite’s Shock weapons, equipment, the Rocket Launcher or Cindershot, and of course the Skewer.

All of this is even before you consider the fact you can get it as a map for Fiesta, where you might spawn with a Mongoose while the enemy nets a Wraith.


halo infinite maps ranked behemoth

Marginally better than Launch Site is Behemoth. This map is such a chore to play on that it’s been removed from the rotation of maps for Ranked play. There is just so little cover out on the wings that it’s almost laughable. Take a single step out there to try and get the Sniper Rifle and you’ll get blasted away by Battle Rifle fire.

Then there’s the center of the map, which is a death sentence for anyone that goes near it. While it does give quick access to the enemy base via the lifts, it’s not worth the risk. Throw in the fact that you can get Rocket Warthogs on this map (arguably the worst of the two ‘hog types), and you’re in for a bad time.


halo infinite maps ranked bazaar

Now, it certainly feels odd having to list one of the next five maps immediately after Behemoth and Launch Site, as there is a vast gulf of enjoyment levels between them. So with that in mind, Bazaar takes this next spot. While it’s so close to the “worst” maps, in actuality, it’s one of the best maps. The Bazaar offers tight corridors to fight along, vantage points and elevated positions, as well as plenty of protection in the central open area.

Where Bazaar begins to suffer in comparison to the next four is with its symmetry. When playing Capture the Flag, if the opponent manages to cross over the midline as you’re spawning in your base, there’s no good way to reach them. Battle Creek in Halo: Combat Evolved solved this with teleporters at the rear of the bases.


halo infinite maps ranked aquarius

Aquarius is one of those Halo Infinite maps that you either love or hate. It’s where the chaff is separated from the wheat and the real plays begin to happen. The tight corridors that flank the sides are great chokepoints while even the lower central areas offer plenty of protection if you get caught in some crossfire.

Where Aquarius excels over Bazaar is in the sightlines. There are plenty of fantastic angles that you can ping enemies from as well as corners to bounce grenades around. And in the event a foe nabs your flag and gets it close to their base, you can still assist your allies even if you’ve just respawned.


halo infinite maps ranked streets

As we approach the top of the list, it gets more difficult to discern a clear winner as these next three are phenomenal maps. Streets has got to be one of the best maps in the Halo franchise. There are clear spawn points at the start of the match, plenty of larger rooms to fight in, and ample movement options secreted away.

By controlling the weapon spawns, you’re able to dominate the long-range engagements, effectively forcing the enemies down either side. Then, a few well-placed grenades and you’ve gained control of the flow of the map. Even the elevation differences offer great play opportunities, as you battle up and down the slopes, fishing for headshots.

Where Streets does begin to feel stale is that most matches tend to start the same way: everyone fighting over the middle power weapon. Sure, one person might try a flank, but chances are every match starts the same way.


halo infinite maps ranked recharge

Recharge is one of those maps in Halo Infinite that feels good to play on no matter the game mode. Team Slayer starts off with a bang as you quickly decide which power up you need to focus on. Unlike Streets, the start of each match is slightly different because of the multiple routes and the fact you don’t spawn within immediate sight of your foes. Even game modes like Oddball and Fiesta work, as no location feels quite safe and basically all weapons are viable.

Then there are the changes in elevation. From the lower levels of the pit all the way to the attic, players are able to leap between levels, shaking up the sightlines and finding creative flanking opportunities.

Live Fire

halo infinite maps ranked live fire

Out of all of the smaller maps in Halo Infinite, Live Fire stands tall as the best of the bunch. It might not boast the same elevation options as Aquarius and Recharge, but what it lacks in verticality it makes up for with its beautiful simplicity. That’s not to say there are no height differences. The lower tunnel system grants a quick escape from the grenade-filled Sniper spawn or a means of cutting between the open areas. Even the open areas, with their uneven terrain, feel great to move through as you weave between the pillars or Brute training dummies.

As for its simplicity, Live Fire ensures that no matter where you spawn, it’s immediately obvious where you are and where you need to go. Because of this, you’re never more than a couple of seconds away from combat. In game modes like Strongholds, the layout of the map ensures there’s always a push and pull, which makes it feel even better when you can hold all three spots for any period of time.

Big Team Battle maps

The Big Team Battle maps in Halo Infinite have such a unique flow and feel to them that it just doesn’t feel right comparing them to the smaller maps.


halo infinite maps ranked deadlock

If it weren’t for Launch Site, Deadlock would have to be one of the worst maps in Halo Infinite. It’s a contentious position to hold, I will concede to that, but I maintain that this map doesn’t have a lot going for it.

The two bases that sit at either side of this big, empty circle are underwhelming at best. They’re little more than an archway over a vehicle. Spawning at either base is basically being condemned to walk across the barren wasteland to wherever the fight is happening. Even the snaking canyons below the central gun do little to liven up the place.

Sure, there are plenty of weapon spawns, but if someone nabs a Battle Rifle, you’re basically stuck using an Assault Rifle, peppering enemies from a distance as you fight around the one interesting point on the map: the cave.


halo infinite maps ranked highpower

Highpower offers an experience that is leaps and bounds ahead of whatever Deadlock has going for it. With a massive wall separating the two bases, plenty of room to tear around in a Warthog, and elevation changes along the perimeter, there’s always something interesting happening in Highpower.

On one side of the wall you’ve got a little canyon with some water, perfect for springing a trap or splattering a squad of foes. On the other, there’s an extremely appealing hole into which you can knock an enemy vehicle. Then there are the bases, offering plenty of protection, ramps, and sights onto the battlefield.

The only downfall to Highpower is if your team fails to secure your Wasp. There’s nothing worse than having to fight against two pilots tearing up your team with missiles and non-stop machinegun fire.


halo infinite maps ranked fragmentation

Fragmentation is the pinnacle of Big Team Battle maps in Halo Infinite. Part of why it takes top billing among this small selection is that it harkens back to classic Halo maps like Blood Gulch or Valhalla. The two Forerunner themed bases and the canyons lined with trees make it immediately familiar while the extra routes and loot rooms make it fresh and exciting.

Unlike Deadlock, the bases on Fragmentation have a bit more going for them. A man cannon will send you flying out across the map if you don’t have a vehicle while some intense combat can take place within the lower rooms.

If you do venture out of the base during Capture the Flag or Stockpile, you’ll discover upper and lower passes in the canyon as well as a central chamber where you can always find a good fight. Even vehicles do well on this map, with more room to maneuver and plenty of routes to pick.

There are plenty of great maps in Halo Infinite, and as more are added to the game, this ranking is sure to change. But for now, this is where we reckon each Halo Infinite map ranks on a worst-to-best scale. What do you think? Do you agree with the ranking or would you put some maps higher and others lower? Let us know your ranking in the comments!

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