Deep Rock Galactic board game Kickstarter campaign live now

Enjoy both rock and stone with your friends in real life with the new Deep Rock Galactic board game.


The work is hard, otherwise, any old chump could do it. That’s why the company uses dwarves. Dwarves never let alien bug scum come between them and a payday and now it appears that the action is hopping off screens and onto the first board game making use of the Deep Rock Galactic license. A Kickstarter campaign for the game just launched today and looks to bring all the fun of the award-winning cooperative action extravaganza to your friendly game nights.

Deep Rock Galactic fans can head over to the official Kickstarter campaign page to get in on the action. Ghost Ship Games and MOOD Publishing have offered four varying four pledge tiers, which feature a range of highly detailed assets, with dwarf miniatures in the Base and Deluxe versions, as well as a range of Glyphids and Mactera gameplay pieces. Those who get in funding the campaign in the first 24 hours will be rewarded with a commemorative coin.

Working as one of four different classes of mining dwarves, Deep Rock Galactic: The Board Game is a faithful adaptation of the award-winning co-op experience. Built by legendary board game designer behind Champions of Midgard, Ole Steiness, the game takes four players to Hoxxes IV on the tabletop for the first time. Operating as either the Driller, the Scout, the Engineer or the Gunner, players must work together to navigate the complicated terrain, digging through tunnels and collecting the valuable materials that lie within the underground caverns, fighting off deadly enemies and attempting to escape with their spoils and their lives.

The campaign opened up with a goal of over $250,000. At the time of this writing (mere hours after the campaign went live), the project has reached its funding goal and has soared beyond the million-dollar mark. It appears this release could be a hot one once it officially starts shipping to backers later this year.

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