Metroid Dread update brings Dread and Rookie difficulty modes

Nintendo showed off a new update for Metroid Dread that offers players some new ways to experience the award-winning side scroller and it is available to download today.


The video game world had its eyes fixed on Nintendo late this afternoon as the company took to the internet for its latest Direct presentation. During the show, the company showed off new trailers, release dates, and much more. Among the noteworthy announcements was word that Metroid Dread will be receiving a free update that adds both Dread and Rookie difficulty modes. Even better, the update is available to download for owners of Metroid Dread today.

You'd be hard-pressed to find any longtime Nintendo fans who weren't smitten with the thought of a new side-scrolling Metroid title for the Switch handheld. Nintendo made it official last year when they announced the game and, in the few short weeks after it was released, the consensus opinion was overwhelmingly positive. In his review of Metroid Dread, co-Editor in Chief Blake Morse described it as "a return to what makes Metroid such a fantastic series of games." Naturally, folks were wondering what Nintendo had up its sleeve for post-launch content. During today's Direct presentation, we got an answer.

Players who opt to try out the new Dread Mode will get the opportunity to work their way through MercurySteam's adventure while avoiding any and all enemy contact. Just one hit during a Dread Mode run marks game over. Sure to be a hit with speedrunners and those who crave a challenge, Dread Mode feels like a natural fit for the game.

On the flip side, Rookie Mode will offer folks who would prefer a more casual jaunt through the dark corridors of Metroid Dread without all the...dread? In this mode, recovery is greatly boosted, allowing for increased survivability. Both modes will be available for download later today via Switch consoles. Nintendo also confirmed a Boss Rush Mode that will make up the second post-launch update for Metroid Dread. It is expected to arrive later this year in April.

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