Neverwinter Scaleblight Mythal module now on PC, consoles in March

Scaleblight Mythal offers Neverwinter MMO players a new region to explore and an epic conclusion to the ongoing Dragonbone Vale module.


The Neverwinter MMO has continued to grow with new adventures and quests for adventures to explore and one of its latest arcs is coming to an epic conclusion. The latest Neverwinter update brings Scaleblight Mythal to PC, offering a new Epic Adventure, the opening of the harrowing Scaleblight Summit, and a final showdown with Valindra Shadowmantle and the Cult of the Dragon. The update is coming to consoles in March as well.

Arc Games released Scaleblight Mythal for Neverwinter alongside a press release and trailer on February 8, 2022. The epic conclusion of Dragonbone Vale - the 22nd module to the Neverwinter MMO - Scaleblight Mythal marks the final journey of this particular arc of the game. Dragonbone Vale’s final Heroic Encounter will see players band together with the Shield of the North Alliance to take on Valindra Shadowmantle and stop the Cult of the Dragon from invoking the Rite of the Dracolich. An epic battle with a monstrous red dragon awaits as players fight to stop the rite from bringing undeath to dragons across the land.

Arc Games’ Neverwinter MMO has continued to serve up a feast of adventures and battle with regular new modules, adventures, and updates. Many may recall last year when we had a livestream with the devs showcasing the all-new Bard class in the game, but Dragonbone Vale has offered a fantastic array of challenges and rewards as well in the time since. With the release of the Scaleblight Mythal update, those who have followed along with Dragonbone Vale’s story will go on an epic concluding journey to hopefully put an end to the Dracolich threat.

Neverwinter’s Scaleblight Mythal is available to PC players now. It will also be coming to Xbox and PlayStation versions of the game on March 1. Stay tuned for further updates and coverage of the Neverwinter MMO right here at Shacknews.

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