Dying Light 2 Stay Human controls & PC keybindings

Learn the controls for Dying Light 2 as well as the buttons and keybindings for PC.


Dying Light 2 Stay Human lets players fight in and explore a vast world full of infected. The key to surviving this zombie apocalypse is to know how to control Aiden. Whether you’re playing on PC with a mouse and keyboard or using a controller on console, we’ve got all the buttons and keybindings listed for you right below.

Dying Light 2 PC keybindings

dying light 2 pc keybindings

There are a lot of different input options for PC players in Dying Light 2. Each of these keybindings can be changed via the Controls menu in the pause screen.

Action Button
Move Forward W
Move Backward S
Move Left A
Move Right  D
Toggle Crouch off/on
Crouch C
Jump Space
Use Accessory Middle mouse
Loot/Search/Interact F
Trade/Interact R
Survivor Sense Q
Look Back Caps Lock
Attack Left click
Grapple Alt
Reload R
Flashlight T
Use Consumable H
Next Weapon R
Previous Weapon  Q
Next Equipment Wheel Down
Previous Equipment Wheel Up
Weapons Menu Tab
Equipment Menu 1
Fast Equip Item -
Drop Item Backspace
Quick Select
Select Weapon 1 1
Select Weapon 2 2
Select Weapon 3 3
Select Weapon 4 4
Select Equipment 1 9
Select Equipment 2 0
Select Equipment 3 -
Select Equipment 4 =
Menu Shortcuts
Inventory Menu I
Map Menu M
Quest Log J
Skill Menu U
Brief Continue T
Brief Decline N
Chat I
Vote for kick K
Appear in waiting place P
Create co-op competition H
Join favorite game J
Show challenge invite N

Dying Light 2 controls

dying light 2 controller buttons

The following is a table of the Dying Light 2 controls. While you cannot change these button layouts, you can change your preference for left or right handed. This should make it easier if you need something slightly different. 

Action Button
Movement Left thumbstick
Aiming Right thumbstick
Survivor Sense Hold Right click on thumbstick
Cycle Consumables D-pad Up
Toggle Flashlight D-pad Down
Accessories D-pad Left
Cycle Weapons D-pad Right
Use Consumable (hold) A
Crouch Button
Use X
Look back/Turn back Y
Attack Right trigger
Jump Right bumper
Use equipment Left trigger
Block Left bumper
Kick LB+RT
Pause Menu

Take a moment to look over the controls and keybindings in Dying Light 2 before you dive into the action. Once you’ve got it all sorted, be sure to check out our Dying Light 2 page for a wealth of other guides to help you survive.

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