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How to unlock the open world mode - Dying Light 2 Stay Human

Unlock the open world in Dying Light 2 and start exploring the beautiful and dangerous city.


Dying Light 2 might be an open world game, but it’s not so open when you first start it. For a while, players will be on a single track and likely looking for a way to actually start exploring. You won’t need to wait long before you’re leaping across the rooftops, as unlocking the open world mode in Dying Light 2 is rather quick.

How to unlock the open world

To unlock the open world in Dying Light 2 and start fully exploring the city of Villedor, you will need to complete the main story mission, Markers of Plague. This is technically the prologue or introductory mission where you and Hakon go and find a biomarker. With a biomarker on your wrist, you’ll be able to access all the areas the game has to offer.

unlock open world dying light 2

From this point onwards, you can begin exploring every nook and cranny in Dying Light 2. A good place to start are the windmills dotted around the map. By climbing these and activating them, you will create a little safe spot with UV light, a bed, and a stash to store your excess items.

Keep in mind that just because you’ve unlocked the open world, doesn’t mean everything is available all the time. Some of the best locations to loot are only available at night. For this reason, make sure you know how to wait and pass time. If you go to these locations during the day, they will either be unavailable or full of zombies.

markers of plague dying light 2 open world
Completing Markers of Plague grants you access to Old Villedor. You'll need to do a bit more work to reach the other massive region on the map.

Beyond the walls of Old Villedor, you will also gain access to the Central Loop – the other massive open world area in Dying Light 2. In order to unlock this area, you must progress through the main story until you complete the main mission, Let’s Waltz. After this point, you will gain access to this entirely new area. You’ll also be able to start using a bow and a paraglider!

Unlocking the open world mode in Dying Light 2 is relatively quick – at least for Old Villedor. If you want to get to the other area on your map, that’s going to take a bit more time. Make sure to stop by the Shacknews Dying Light 2 page for more guides and the latest news.

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