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Facebook (FB) expects negative impact to 2022 growth from iOS cross-app tracking

Once again, Apple's iOS privacy options have affected Facebook's (FB) bottom line.


Today's Facebook (FB) Q4 2021 earnings report did not bode well for the house that Zuck built. It turns out that Apple's iOS privacy settings have once again undermined Facebook and its parent company Meta's bottom line. Apple implemented an iOS feature last year and since then it has been affecting the bottom line for companies like Facebook.

Facebook's (FB) took a nose dive after today's Q4 2021 earnings report.
Facebook's (FB) took a nosedive after today's Q4 2021 earnings report.

Facebook's Q4 2021 earnings report stated the following: "On the pricing side, we expect growth to be negatively impacted by a few factors: First, we will lap a period in which Apple's iOS changes were not in effect and we anticipate modestly increasing ad targeting and measurement headwinds from platform and regulatory changes."

As you may recall, last year Apple added features such as the ability to turn off cross-app tracking. This means that companies like Facebook who had been making a profit off user data that they had been scraping from the backend could no longer get access to such info and it’s been costing social media companies a large chunk of revenue. So far, the change in policy has impacted the bottom line for social media giants like Facebook and Twitter who usually make a hefty profit selling such data.

This is just one issue among a field of them that Facebook appears to have had over Q4 2021. Not only did they miss their whisper number, but they’ve been taking a loss on every Quest 2 sold, and have faced a number of public-facing scandals over morally questionable business practices. Today does not appear to be a great day to be a Facebook stockholder as the stock took a nosedive around the time that Facebook’s Q4 2021 earnings report went live. We’ll be sure to keep you up to date with all the latest happenings and Facebook news right here at Shacknews.

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