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How to catch Shaymin - Pokemon Legends: Arceus

Here's how you can catch Shaymin in Pokemon Legends: Arceus.


In Pokemon Legends: Arceus, players will encounter a plethora of creatures. Some new, and some old. One of the familiar faces found in the Hisui region is that of Shaymin, the Mythical Grass-Type Pokemon that first appeared in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. Finding and catching The Gratitude Pokemon is a bit tricky, so let’s get into how you can catch Shaymin in Pokemon Legends: Arceus.

How to catch Shaymin - Pokemon Legends: Arceus

To catch Shaymin in Pokemon Legends: Arceus, you’ll need to first beat the game and roll credits. You’ll also need save data for either Pokemon Sword or Pokemon Shield on your Switch. Once this is done, head over to Professor Laventon’s office on the first floor of the Galaxy Team building in Jubilife Village. Interact with the Blackboard to see a list of available Requests. There should be one on the last page titled “A Token of Gratitude.” Accept this Request and head to the Obsidian Fieldlands.

Medi will meet you near the Base Camp and tell you of a Pokemon that saved her life many years ago, giving you a Gracidea Flower and asking you to find the field of Gracidea Flowers in the Obsidian Fieldlands. The field of Gracidea Flowers can be found in Floaro Gardens, in the north-west corner of the Obsidian Fieldlands. Approach the circular patch of dead flowers sitting in mud and it will trigger the Shaymin encounter cutscene.

Now you’ll have your chance to catch Shaymin. Despite the Pokemon’s cuddly appearance, it’s got an aggressive disposition and will attack you. Toss out a Pokemon to begin a battle with it. Shaymin is level 70 and knows Energy Ball, Earth Power, Air Slash, and Seed Flare. Keep this in mind when deciding what Pokemon to match it up against.

That’s how you can catch Shaymin in Pokemon Legends: Arceus. Keep in mind that you must have save data for either Pokemon Sword or Shield on your Switch for the Request to appear. Players can also catch Darkrai if they have save data for Pokemon Sword or Shield. For more helpful Pokemon Legends: Arceus guides, Shacknews is your place.

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