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Sedia won't be yeeting Destiny 2 players as far in Season 16

Don't get too comfortable, the boss stomp meta isn't going away entirely.


As sure as Destiny 2 players will leave work early to run home and participate in a surprise Exotic quest, so too will they skip The Corrupted Nightfall when it swings around for a week. Sedia, the Corrupted, is the final boss of that strike and has an annoying habit of punting Guardians off the map, which only gets worse with Nightfall modifiers. Seriously, if you ever need to fly across a map for a secret chest, just ask Sedia to stomp her feet. Thankfully, Bungie is going to nerf Sedia’s yeeting skills and other strike-boss modifiers in some of the tougher activities.

I'll take whatever nonsense modifier Sepiks has over Sedia's any day.

In This Week at Bungie for January 27, 2022, the developers outlined the changes coming to Nightfalls in Season 16, which will impact more than just Sedia, but she’s high on the list of offenders.

For those that are lost and only showed up because I used “yeeting” in the headline, Destiny 2 bosses tend to have special attacks that they can throw at Guardians. When you load into a Nightfall, the boss will have a modifier that makes this attack more deadly. Well, Sedia’s attack is to send Guardians flying, so enhancing that maneuver took the attack from minor inconvenience to interstellar flight. This is made worse by the fact the final encounter features narrow terrain and nothing but space where you’d expect walls and a ceiling. Many a fireteam were lost to Sedia when attempting Nightfalls on harder difficulties. In fact, many players would simply skip it unless they absolutely needed to play it that week for one reason or another. Once The Witch Queen launches alongside Season 16, Sedia and other bosses will still have their unique attacks, but the modifiers that made them nightmare fuel will be dialed back on already difficult content. Specifically, these modifiers will be removed on Nightfalls at Hero or higher difficulties.

Sedia isn’t the only boss with a special attack. Not even the only boss with an overpowered modifier. She is probably responsible for more broken controllers or keyboards than any other Nightfall boss in Destiny 2, though.


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